10 Rules Fitness Bloomers Live By

fitness bloomersAre you a fitness bloomer?

If you want to be part of the movement , then you should be aware of the rules fitness bloomers live by.

These rules are not designed to limit you in any way – the purpose of their existence is to keep you on the right path to a fit and exciting life.

Often times we slip up. We begin to fade off the path we’ve embarked on. Things get in the way and distractions begin to take over. These rules will help keep you grounded. They will help you fight the distractions and stay on the path you know leads to where you want to be.

Being a fitness bloomer is not something to be taken for granted. It is an opportunity to learn, to grow and to change for the better. It is an opportunity to transform your health and your body so you can truly enjoy life.

Being a fitness bloomer is a lifestyle.

Most importantly, being a fitness bloomer is not a temporary status. It’s not something you do for a short period of time. It is life-long. The lifestyle changes you achieve here are meant to be permanent.

Here are the 10 rules fitness bloomers live by:

1. Fitness Bloomers live every day like it’s their last

Life is special. It really is.

But it’s limited. Our time is limited. And it goes by much quicker than we could ever imagine. Fitness bloomers live life to the fullest – they live each day like it were their last. They take advantage of each moment – each second. Fitness bloomers take risks, make mistakes, and continue to strive to be the best they can be.

At the end of each day, ask yourself: If this was my last day on Earth, would I be happy with what I’ve accomplished today?

If your answer is no, then you got some work to do tomorrow.

2. Fitness Bloomers don’t sweat the small things

Life is already stressful enough.

Our lives are busy, our schedules our filled up and there is little time left to do the things that truly give us joy.

But we don’t mess around with stress.

Fitness bloomers don’t sweat the little things. We’re better than that. Instead, we take what we’re given. We understand life is going to serve up its share of bumps and bruises – we learn to deal with them. We learn how to take the punches and keep moving towards our goal.

3. Fitness Bloomers eat real food

Fitness bloomers don’t eat garbage. No way. We don’t poison our bodies with processed foods, junk food, fast foods, or any other foods that don’t provide nutritional value for our bodies.

But with that being said, we are not calorie-counters. Not even close. We understand it’s not the quantity that’s going to kill us – it’s the (lack) of quality. We focus on the good stuff and eliminate the bad stuff.

At the end of the day, we understand how to make the right choices.

4. Fitness Bloomers push themselves outside of their comfort zones

There is nothing of value to be gained inside our comfort zones.

When it comes to fitness and results, fitness bloomers venture out to lands few men dare to pursue. We go beyond our comfort levels – levels that make us want to cry and wish we weren’t born.

Why do we do this?

Because we understand that this is how character is built. This is how courage and strength is built. This is how we become better. Most importantly, this is how we get results.

There is a strong correlation between comfort and results and it’s all in the fitness bloomer training philosophy (coming soon).

5. Fitness Bloomers never quit

Fitness bloomers don’t quit. Ever.

We may fall, we may get stuck, we may feel on the edge, we may even fail beyond comprehension. But no matter what, fitness bloomers will never quit. We keep fighting to achieve our goals, no matter what they may be.

6. Fitness Bloomers get fit for a reason

Achieving a goal without a passionate driving force is very difficult. There is simply nothing igniting the fuel – no source of motivation – to push you through those difficult times.

This is true of any fitness goal. It is next to impossible to achieve something if you don’t have a passionate reason to do so.

We don’t just get fit for the sake of getting fit. We can try, but it’s rarely achieved. We have something driving us – something deep down inside that’s crying for us to keep going. Maybe you want to climb a mountain, go skiing, try surfing, or maybe you just want to be there for your family.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s yours. Write it down and put it up where you can see it at all times – have it engraved in your mind so when you feel like giving up, you have something to keep you going.

My reasons? Well you can see those on my bloomer bucket list.

7. Fitness Bloomers inspire others

When we make the effort to change our lives for the better, we begin to emit a vibrant energy that captivates those around us.

We become positive role models to those who care for us and those we care for – friends, family, co-workers. We also become role models to those who see the path we have embarked on.

Our actions are inspirational.

When others see us making an effort to get fit, it inspires them to do the same. Fitness bloomers inspire each other to make positive lifestyle changes.

8. Fitness Bloomers keep things simple

Getting fit isn’t difficult. Not at all.

People just tend to make it appear that way so they can justify the fact that they’re not doing it.

But don’t mistake simple for easy. Getting fit isn’t easy. It takes hard work. It takes guts. It takes courage. It takes insane dedication to keep going when you’re struggling and it requires dreadful patience to see results.

But the concepts are simple – the concepts for achieving great levels of fitness are simple.

Fitness bloomers work hard and stick to the basics. We understand the fundamental concepts and we stick to them. We don’t over complicate things.

9. Fitness Bloomers take on new challenges

Life is all about challenges.

We should always be challenging ourselves to be better – to be better listeners, to be better professionals, to be better friends, to be better lovers – to simply be better people.

Your fitness quest should be a series of challenges. Challenge yourself to run 5km. Challenge yourself to lose 15 lbs. Challenge yourself to learn a new sport. Challenge yourself to learn how to make a healthy meal.

Challenges are effective because they tap into our psyche. As humans, we absolutely hate failure. We despise it. It makes us feel like shit. Challenges leverage this mentality and force us to want to succeed.

Check out my latest challenge.

10. Fitness Bloomers help spread the word

The fitness bloomer community is growing. And it’s growing quickly. As we take action and inspire others along the way, we help spread the word about the community.

Best ways to share?

You are now ready to set foot on your new path. Print these 10 rules off, put them somewhere that you can see at all times and follow them. They will help you get to where you want to be.

So the question is…

Are you ready to be a fitness bloomer?

19 thoughts on “10 Rules Fitness Bloomers Live By”

  1. Great list of tips ( sounds very Buddhist at times) I think I follow most of them except the Junkie stuff I eat too regularly cakes, pancakes, beers, wines, chocolate bars etc so I guess I’m doomed to failure so maybe I’m a just ‘late bloomer’ haha
    Facebook I’m winding that down really disappointed with where it’s going personally maybe business is OK.
    But I’m hanging out at G+, hope you join me there!

    1. Raymond, based on your look I’d guess that avoiding junk would be the FIRST thing you followed on that list. But we’re all different. Yea maybe you are a late bloomer!

      I’ve just started hanging out at Google+. I’m starting to like it more and more. There are just too many social networks to keep up with! 🙂 But I’ll definitely see you there.

    2. Yeah, I was gonna say the same thing too. Raymond, I think you just wrote a list of all those junk goodies you eat on your cheat days.
      I don’t believe for a second that you would eat that every single day and stay ripped as your picture shows.

  2. Anyone who reads this post will be highly motivated. Fitness bloomers lead an exemplary life and inspires other to lead a healthy and fit life, just like you Srdjan 🙂 I hope more readers get motivated to become fitness bloomers through your blog.

  3. I’m a “late bloomer” and cancer sur-thriver and I love this post. My only tweak is to live every day like it’s your first.

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