20 Ways to Make Life MORE Awesome

make life awesomeAs you know, many of my articles are on the topic of building a better body.

Because I truly believe that a better body allows us to live a better life.

Today, however, I’m going to flip things on its head a bit…

I’m going to focus on life itself.

This is the kind of post most bloggers would save for the beginning of a new year.

Something to help you with your ‘resolutions’. A way to start over. Start better.

But I don’t believe in resolutions. I don’t believe you need a time or an excuse to make a positive change in your life. If a change is needed, then why wait?

Start today.

Whatever happened yesterday is in the past. It’s gone. Over with.

No matter what goals you accomplished, failures you endured, people you’ve met, things you’ve tried, people you’ve pissed off, promotions you celebrated or jobs you lost, it’s time to embrace the upcoming challenges and prepare for the incredible opportunity for growth that is open to you right now.

In short, it’s time to make your life a little more awesome.

Here are 20 ways you can do just that.

1. Stop caring about what other people think

We care way too much about what other people think. Even worse, we let it affect us and our decisions. We become paralyzed with inaction. We let this fear of disappointing others prevent us from doing the things we love and have passion for. We let it prevent us from trying.

If you are holding back from taking action on your goals and your dreams because you’re afraid of what others might think (or say), then you’re doing just that – holding yourself back.

Stop letting other people’s words or thoughts slow you down. Conquer that paralyzing fear. Ignore the crowd. Push aside the echoes of hatred. And follow your heart and your intuitions to guide you as you fight for what you want.

2. Take a risk

Stop playing it safe. Life is way too short for that. It’s time to take some risks.  If it’s fear of failure that’s holding you back, squash it. We’re all afraid. Only those who overcome it can make a true difference.

Making mistakes is a necessary part of life. Failure is necessary. Think of failure as a shining light that guides you on your path to success. You need to fail before you can succeed. Mistakes force you to think to, to step back, to re-calculate, to make necessary changes. Without failure we can’t progress.

Change the way you perceive risk and let good (and exciting) things come your way.

3. Find your passion

If you haven’t already, you need to find your passion. You need to find that one thing that you absolutely love to do and put your heart and soul into it.

If you already know your passion(s), start exploring them on a deeper level. Find out how you can get involved and make a difference.

There is truly nothing more fulfilling than doing something you love and making a difference.

4. Get outside your comfort zone

I preach this over and over again. I told you about the powerful link between comfort and results. If you’re used to being all snuggled up inside your warm, fuzzy comfort zone, it’s time to break out of it.

I want you to punch that barrier in the face and step into a world of limitless possibilities. Only when you venture beyond the lines of comfort will you see just how awesome life can be.

5. Don’t settle

Many of us settle. We take what we can get, fall into a routine and, once again, we get comfortable.

Settling, in my mind, is no different than quitting. Settling leads to boredom. It leads to a mediocre life. Avoid settling! Constantly strive to push through barriers and explore new grounds. Find time to try new things. Break old habits and build new ones. Do whatever it takes to avoid (boring) routines.

From now on, I want you to expect and work for what you deserve. Put yourself out there. Know what you want and put everything you have into obtaining it. Don’t settle for anything than the best for yourself.

6. Make quick decisions

Stop being indecisive. We often take forever to make decisions. And what happens when you take your time when making a decision…nothing.

As in ZERO action.

From now on, I want you to start making quick decisions. On the fly. Don’t waste too much time thinking about the consequences. I want you to act. Keep moving. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Make changes as you go. Constantly progress. And prepare for (exciting) things to happen.

7. Work your ass off

Stop doing things half-assed. Even though you think you put in hard work, deep down inside you know you could’ve done more. You know you could’ve done better.

If you want your life to be more awesome, you need put everything you have into it. You need to put in the hours. Whatever goals you’re trying to achieve, I want you to work your ass off to achieve them. Schedule due dates for your projects and do whatever it takes to stick to them. Take action. Get things done!

8. Build meaningful relationships

Nearly everything that happens to you in life is a result of some connection you made at some point in time. Building positive relationships with people can be scary and intimidating. It can be incredibly uncomfortable.

But you need to start connecting. You need to start building meaningful relationships. It is the relationships that you make with people that lead to new opportunities, new friends, new workout partners, new career options. It is these relationships that make life awesome!

I want you to start sending emails and building relationships with people with similar interests. Find people to learn from. Find people to teach something to. Connect with big names and those just getting started.

Build a network of people around you that will motivate you, inspire you and keep you accountable for the growth you are capable of. And build meaningful relationships for the sake of building relationships and don’t expect (or ask) for anything in return. Always give. And listen.

9. Visit and explore a place you’ve never been to

You don’t have to go halfway across the world to explore a place you’ve never been to. The most wonderful place in the world might be down the street. You just have to look. Explore some places you’ve heard bad things about because more often than not people are wrong – or biased.

Pay attention to details because the important things are easy to miss. Exploring new places will allow you to discover things most people have never seen and, in the process, you will become inspired.

10. Make someone else’s life better for a day

It’s hard to put into words the joyous feeling you get when you take the time to help someone out. Sure you’ve been too busy. But you need to make the time. Find an event and volunteer to help out. Offer to help a friend move. Do something nice for a complete stranger. Find a way to make somebody else’s life a little bit better and I promise you’ll gain much more than you gave in the process.

11. Ask

Stop being scared to ask questions. More often than not, we automatically assume the answer will be no, so we don’t even bother asking. But guess what – if you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.

I want you to ask the questions you need to ask. You’ll be surprised at how willing people are to respond kindly and even say yes.

12. Don’t let money alter your decisions

Money is always on our minds. It conquers our thoughts. All of our decisions are based on how much or how little money is involved. No more of that!

I want you to let go of that monetary connection. Stop putting a dollar value on everything. Instead, make decisions based on non-monetary value. Eliminate the dollar sign and see what something is truly worth.

13. Do something that scares you every single day

As cliche as it may sound, there is nothing more empowering than doing something that scares you – every single day. Big things, small things, irrelevant things, or important things – it doesn’t matter. Do something that scares you each and every day. You will slowly conquer each of your fears and become fearless. As you do so, you’ll see the world open up to you.

14. Don’t forget to put yourself first

Don’t forget about you. Stop doing things to satisfy others. Your actions need to be centred around you. You need to do things that are important to you. In the process, you will probably hurt some feelings and piss off a few people. But you will grow as an individual.

15. Learn something new

Whether you have time or not, I want you to buckle down and learn something new. A new language, a new skill, whatever – it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s something you have absolutely never explored before.

By fully immersing yourself into something that is completely out of your knowledge base, you will force yourself to use parts of your brain that you probably forgot you had.

16. Laugh uncontrollably

This is the most important thing you can do to make your life more awesome. Laugh and laugh often. There is absolutely no better medicine on the planet.

“Laugther in the face of reality is probably the finest sound there is. In fact, a good time to laugh is anytime you can.” ~ Linda Ellerbee

17. Connect with old friends

There are simply too many relationships in our lives that we let dwindle. We forget to pick up the phone or to send that message. We forget to stay in touch. Before we know it time has passed and these people are gone.

In a world where we have so many mediums with which to communicate, it’s crazy that we somehow find it more difficult to stay in touch. We simply become forgetful and essentially careless.

I want you to change that. I need you to make a conscious effort to stay in touch with your friends and family. The people most important to you. Pick up the phone and take five minutes to say hello. Go on Skype or Facebook or some other online medium. Write an email or send a text message. Send a post card or take it way back and write a letter.

Whatever way you can, make the effort. Because if you don’t now, years down the road when they’re all gone you’ll wish you did.

18. Read three good books

You know those things you use as coasters, decorations and dust collectors? Yea, those are books. It’s time to actually read them.

I want you to find three books that you will read this year. Three books in 365 days. That’s like 120 days per book. If you can’t read one book in 4 months, you’ve got bigger problems. Find time throughout the week to sit down and enjoy the book. Don’t read for the sake of reading. Make reading a time of relaxation and discovery. I know three books doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s better than a big fat zero.

If you need some ideas for which books to read, here are 50 health and fitness book ideas.

19. Learn to say NO

Stop being afraid to turn people down. Stop crumbling at the thought of hurting someone’s feelings. You only end up hurting yourself by succumbing to the desires and expectations other people have of you.

Stop giving in. If you find that something is not worth your time, money, or effort, turn it down. This may be tough at first, especially if you’re a yes-kind-of-person, but you will become that much better for it. Give yourself an opportunity to focus on things that truly matter to you.

20. Stop regretting

Regret is a useless emotion. It has no value-added impact. If you’re regretting anything from the past, I want you to stop. Stop regretting the things that happened (or haven’t happened) – you can’t change the past. Instead, focus on what you can control – the present and the future.

Now it’s time to take action.

Do the things I outlined in this post and make a positive difference in your life. Make a positive difference in someone else’s life.

Make life MORE awesome!

What are some other things you do to make life great? I’d love to hear how you make life awesome. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

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  1. Most of these i have actually employed in my life already. There are a few that desperately need some work though… Today will be a different day!

    Seize the Day!!

  2. I will read this post several times !!!
    (and try to apply parts of those ways for me… even if it’s never easy !)

  3. Motivating!! My biggest issue lately has been overcoming the resistance I create for myself. All those things that come up when we’re doing something great….how is it that we are afraid of our own success even more than our own failure sometimes?

  4. Probably the most inspiring article I’ ve read over the last coupe of years. Thank you Srdjan, you made my day, I hope you also ”made” the rest of my life!! Of I go for a new beginning!

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