30 Day Jump Rope Challenge Summary (or how 246 Jumpers Reached One Million Revolutions)

Jump Rope Challenge SummaryI’ll be honest.

I’m still rubbing my eyes in disbelief.

In 150 minutes of jumping rope spread across 30 days, we have collectively completed over one million jump rope revolutions!

One. Point. Three. Million. Jumps. (to be exact)

Deep breath taken.

As I allow everything to sink in, I can finally begin to not only comprehend, but also appreciate everything that has happened during the 30 day jump rope challenge.

I really couldn’t have expected the level of participation, camaraderie, and undying effort that people have put into these last 30 days.

This post is dedicated to the 246 participants that joined me in this challenge.

You guys are absolutely incredible.

Let’s look back.

The 30 Day Jump Rope Challenge

The 30 day jump rope challenge started on February 20, 2013.

The objective was simple: jump rope for 5 minutes every single day for 30 days straight and track your progress along the way. All the rules were outlined here.

As word got around, people started flocking to the challenge.

Soon enough, there were 246 participants from all across the world signed up and ready to get jumping.

The following graphs and numbers are a bit of a summary of what was accomplished over the last 30 days.

Total Jump Rope Revolutions by Day

The following graph outlines the total jump rope revolutions for every day of the challenge (according to the jump rope tracker).

Total Jump Rope Revolutions

Even though the goal of the challenge was to improve on our numbers, I think the downward slope was kind of expected. This is true for a number of reasons:

The excitement factor: Many joined the challenge out of sheer excitement to do something different. Something new and challenging. But as that excitement started to wear off, so did the motivation to continue on with the challenge. It’s the exact same thing that happens to most people’s new year’s resolutions.

Difficulty of counting: What most people quickly discovered during the challenge was that counting your jumps while jumping isn’t so easy. Some even questioned the entire point of it and decided to stop counting completely and just enjoy their jump rope sessions (meaning they weren’t accounted for on the tracker). And that’s perfectly fine! But I would like to explain my reasoning behind the counting:

There are three main reasons I decided to incorporate counting into this routine: 1) Counting equals intensity. There is a big difference between doing 100 jump rope revolutions in 5 minutes and doing 800 jump rope revolutions in 5 minutes. I wanted you to understand the difference and the only way to do that was to have you see for yourself. 2) Counting encourages improvement. As stated, my goal with this challenge was to have you improve your jump rope ability over the course of the 30 days. Counting would help you see your improvement. Remember that results drive results. 3) Improves focus and concentration. I wanted to make this challenge more than just a simple 5 minute jump session. What counting does is it forces you to develop the ability to focus and concentrate even during stressful moments. This, as I’m sure you’d agree, is something that can be useful in many areas of life.

Sickness, injury, and rest: Jumping rope can be very stressful on the feet, shins, calves, and legs in general (especially if you’re a beginner). Even though the objective was to perform your jump rope sessions daily, I wanted people to learn how to listen to their bodies. And many did. They took a day off when they needed to. They let their bodies recuperate when they needed to. Remember that I wanted you to fight through those days that you didn’t want to jump rope, not the days you physically couldn’t. 

Lack of tracking. Unfortunately, the tracking system I created wasn’t the greatest (but it was the best solution I could find at the time) and it discouraged some people from adding their numbers to the tracker.

Note: if you know of a better system for tracking a challenge like this, please drop a line in the comment section below and let me know. Or feel free to contact me. Thanks!

With all that being said, together we still managed to complete 1,317,889 jump rope revolutions.

Which, I might add,  is mighty impressive.

The thing, however, that impressed me most about this challenge was the level of support that went around. People were constantly cheering each other on and leaving very kind and supportive comments on the tracker. We were all pushing each other to hit new personal bests and helping each other get through tough days.

This was really cool to be a part of!

Words from the Participants

The following are some of the stories shared by participants throughout the challenge across multiple platforms.

Note: thank you so much for sharing your stories!

First off I would like to say, I loved this challenge! The benefits I have received were countless. I have increased my stamina, endurance, strength and overall technique. At the beginning of this challenge I didn’t know how to skip and I know I have came such a long way.

The hardest part had to be not knowing how to skip. It was hard to develop right technique to allow myself to skip continuously. It wasn’t until halfway through the challenge I could continuously skip with barely any mistakes. I am in school and have a part-time job and learning is my passion. It was fantastic to learn something from skipping. The main thing I could take from this challenge is that I am stronger than I ever will believe I am. Each day I tried to improve from the previous days and it was difficult at times. It sometimes felt like I was only skipping for a minute even though I actually had 10 seconds left to reach the final amount of reps.

Skipping was one thing I looked forward to everyday and the days I couldn’t complete the challenge were huge disappointments on my part. It felt like I was giving up even though I knew I couldn’t complete the challenge. Since I loved skipping 5 minutes everyday I’m going to continue the challenge until New Year.


I have never had much muscle definition in my calves because I’ve never been consistent with developing it through exercise, but now it is unmistakably there.  “Tone your calves in just 5 minutes a day” sounds too good to be true… but that’s what happened to me in the last 30 days. I can feel and see new muscle and I LOVE it.


I didn’t have a tracker on my jump rope. So I can’t tell how many times I jumped. I just jumped 😀

The first thing I did on morning was jumping with rope. I put my spotify on and set timer to alarm and started to jump. After jumping I continued with kettlebell excercise about 10 or 15 minutes. After every time I felt being alive. Shower felt so much better than in normal situations on morning. I felt myself really fresh and awaken, when I started my work. And like you know, it didn’t even took much of my time. I developed my jumping. I became quicker and I standed more per each time. It felt like running what I haven’t done regulary for a long time.

I have lost lot of my weight. From 104,5kg to 93,8kg. One big reason was jumprope and kettlebell. During 9 weeks 10 kilos. About 27 pounds 😀


It was so much fun being a part of this challenge with so many people from different countries. And the support we gave to each other was something I didn’t expect. A week into the challenge, I caught a terrible viral fever and had to take a long break from jumping (about a week). But after I recovered, I got back into it and made it to the end.

Some of the daily challenges were not having enough time or energy to do the jump cause some days I have kettlebell training and other strength training that I participate in after a long day at work. But I still manage to do my 5 mins most days and when I just didn’t feel like it, I took rest days.

All in all, it was a great experience and I will definitely continue to incorporate jump rope routines in my weekly workouts. A few sets of 5 mins is better than none!


I enjoyed the jump rope challenge. The hardest part for me was not being able to jump during daylight and having to jump until late at night. It was fun over all. The locals in the bars on the boardwalk did give me funny looks especially when it was real cold. Jumping on those cold nights did warm me up quick. I plan to continue jumping and incorporate it in my interval body weight training when the ocean is flat and no surf. Thanks to the different people that gave me the encouraging words. I really appreciated them


First off, I want to tell you how much I enjoyed this challenge. My jump roping skills have definitely increased over this month. I will do my best to keep jumping five minutes a day as long as I can. What I loved about the challenge was that I knew I needed to jump just five minutes a day, and I had a good attitude about it. I used to jump rope as a kid in school, and now that I do CrossFit jump roping is a big part of it. Your challenge fell at a perfect time. I know that I have gotten better at jump roping. Yesterday, I set three PR’s: 514 singles in a row, 21 double unders, and I jumped the most I have ever done in five minutes. I still have today though! The most difficult part were the double unders. I am slowly getting better, but I know I will get better with time. The best part is getting better at double unders and practicing the different moves while jumping.


I was one of the participant in the 30 days skipping rope challenge and it was very nice of you that you started it. I surprised myself as I completed the challenge successfully and without skipping any single day of the challenge. It was fantastic and I have reduced weight by 1 KG at least 🙂


First of all I would like to thank for putting up this challenge. It was really a fantastic challenge. I had never been able to follow any physical exercise routine continuously for 30 days.

First it took a lot of motivation for me to get through this. Also it was ages since I had used jump rope (6 years to be precise). I wanted to do this. So started off slowly. First week was full of frustration.. lot of breaks due to rope tangling with the legs.. mind body coordination .. sore legs / calf muscles.. It was one of the most challenging week of my life .. in workout.. Second week was lil more better.. den went down with cold / cough.. Had to start all over again. But this time around wanted to push through… glad that I did.. But had to overcome one more stumble.. I met with an accident.. By god’s grace.. Nothing was too serious..had only hurt my knees..I am very happy now that I took up this challenge. went through with it.. & will continue ..


From the comments:

pheonix1754 says:

This challenge has not only been a good addition to my new years resolution to get/stay in shape, but it is so wonderful to see the number of good words of happiness, help, and inspiration that’s given. Bless you all,and let’s keep up the good work.

Sarah says:

Felt good to have a weekend free of jump rope but now I’m back to looking for opportunities to incorporate this into my daily workouts. I’ve been working out / living healthier since 2006 and this challenge has brought on some of the best results that I’ve seen for conditioning and toning my legs – and in just 30 days!

Plinio says:

Man i just can say that it was amazing how we can evolve in such a short if we commit ourselves to achieve a goal! It’s also amazing to see the number of people around the world who joinned us and helped us along the way we good vibes and thoughts! I can’t wait to join you guys on another challenge!

From Social Media:

Jump Rope Challenge TestimonialJump Rope Challenge Testimonial

Jump Rope Challenge Testimonial

Jump Rope Challenge Testimonial

Jump Rope Challenge Testimonial

Jump Rope Challenge TestimonialJump Rope Challenge Testimonial

Jump Rope Challenge Testimonial

Jump Rope Challenge Testimonial

Jump Rope Challenge Testimonial

The Winners

Alright, let’s get into what most of the participants have been waiting for. It’s time to announce the winners of the 30 day jump rope challenge.

Before I do so, I’d just like to give a big shout out to the participants who managed to complete every single day of the challenge. If you took part in the challenge, you know how difficult this was to do. These guys really put in some extra effort to complete every single day. And I think they deserve some recognition.

Congratulations to the following participants for fully completing the challenge:

  • Angela Lao
  • Aussie Jadon
  • Dave Turnbull
  • Ed Thomas
  • Erin Dickey
  • Filipe Karam
  • Harshad Riswadkar
  • Jenn Chen
  • Jim Cogill
  • Kayla Lowber
  • Kelly Arsenault
  • Kelvin Wong
  • Lee Man
  • Mark Lietzau
  • Mary De Biasio
  • Rachel Shaw
  • Sarah Cogill
  • Simone Van Iderstine
  • Steve Lietzau
  • Tina Steedman

You guys did an incredible job!

Now, for the winners…

If you recall, I mentioned that there were three things you had to do to qualify for the prizes: 1) you had to participate (obviously), 2) you had to track your progress on the tracker, and 3) you had to keep us posted with your personal challenges.

The winners were selected based on personal improvements (according to the tracker) and level of participation (on the tracker and via social media).

So, without further ado, the winners are as follows:

First Place – Mary De Biasio

Mary consistently hit high numbers every single day and I was happy to see her reach her goal of 1,000 revolutions in 5 minutes. Mary posted a pretty cool video of herself jumping rope on the Bloom to Fit FB page. She was also very supportive on the tracker. Congratulations Mary!

Your prize: CrossRope Complete Set + a free copy of my new jump rope training program.

Again, a huge thank you to Dave Hunt from CrossRope for putting up this incredible prize. 

Second Place – Jenn Chen

Jenn was a warrior. She battled through a week of sickness and still managed to get her jumps in. She showed tremendous improvement in her numbers and was one of the most supportive and encouraging participants on the tracker and on Facebook. She even got her little boy to join in on the challenge :). Congratulations Jenn!

Your prize: a free copy of my new jump rope training program.

Third Place – Harshad Riswadkar

Harshad showed the most improvement over the course of the 30 days, managing to more than double his number of revolutions by the end of the challenge. The graph below shows it all. Congratulations Harshad!

Your prize: a free copy of my new jump rope training program.

Winners, please send me an email so I can hook you up with your prizes!


Final Words

Once more, I just want to send a huge thanks to all the people who participated in this challenge. You all did an incredible job and I’m really proud of all of you.

My hope is that you were able to take away something positive from this challenge.

The goal here was to show you that you can do anything you set your mind to.

You’re capable of way more than you think.

This challenge was about more than just jumping rope every day. It was about challenging yourself every single day. It was about pushing yourself to improve every single day. It was about putting you in situations that forced you to fight your demons and find ways to get things done.

I wanted to show you that most challenges you face in life are more mental than physical. Truly, you’re only one mindset shift away from being able to accomplish all your goals and dreams.

I hope that you will use the lessons you’ve learned in this challenge to become the strongest version of yourself possible.

See you all at the next challenge!


Your Task:

I have a quick task for you. If you participated in the challenge, share your experience in the comment section below. If you have ideas for future challenges, let me know what they are! If you have ideas on how I can make these challenges better, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Wow, congratulation to all participants (included myself lol), but especially for those that completed the challenge.

    Srdjan, congrats to you too, for the challenge and for those challenges to come!! Hope to be able to finish it next time (just two days left over this time)


  2. Although I didn’t manage to finish all the days of the challenge, I feel really well just for trying. That was a great challenge, teached me a lot about discipline and how effective hard work can be. Looking forward to more of them challenges! Oh, a huge BRAVO to the guys that fully completed the challenge! No words to describe the respect I feel about you! Last but not least, Mary De Biasio, really???? 1000 reps???? God bless you! ‘Nough said! #MaryDeBiasioJumoRopeChallenge LOLOLOLOL

  3. Congrats to everyone who completed this challenge, and those who didn’t but still took the initiative to participate! It’s so inspiring to see what they’ve achieved, I’m going to give my rope another shot after a couple months of not touching it. I’m super amazed at those who can skip continuously over a hundred, since I can’t even do more than 40 without tripping up.

    Oh, and I’ve been looking through the B2F FB page for Mary’s video but it seems to escape my eyes. Could you possibly put up the direct link instead?

    1. Jo Anne, it’s under the “Recent Posts by Others” section posted on March 19th.

  4. George your comment is making me smile from ear to ear!!!! You gave me my own hash tag 😀 LOL Thank you!!!! This totally makes my day. Thank you 1.3 million times 😉 to Srdjan and to CrossRope for this amazing opportunity. I found Bloom to Fit through the CrossRope Facebook page when they advertised this challenge, as I have been coveting one of those CrossRope sets since last fall and have been following their page ever since, so of course I am beyond happy that I will now get to use one of those sets! Since I already loved to jump rope coming into this challenge, the fact of doing 5 minutes a day didn’t always feel so “challenging”, it was just FUN, however, I don’t think I have *ever* jumped rope every day for 30 days straight, and I have also never set jump rope goals for myself, and that was the part that was really enlightening for me. For the first time I actively measured my progress and was empowered to really fight toward making new accomplishments. Sometimes it was very frustrating, because I really wanted to see my number go up each and every day, and sometimes it went down instead, but I tried to look at the whole picture and see that there was a clear trend of general improvement happening. The group dynamic was so motivating for me. Although I knew I wanted to hit that 1,000 from day one, even getting to 900 seemed nearly impossible at first, but since there were a bunch of other people talking about 1,000 too, we all saw that possibility together and kept working for it. If it were just me, I might not have been able to push so hard, I might have eventually thought, 1,000? that’s just crazy… but we all believed together and that made a huge difference! Now back to the idea of the challenge being mostly fun because I already love jumping rope – with this in mind I cannot WAIT until the next challenge because if I can make these strides with something I already love, just imagine how immensely rewarding it would be to make similar strides with something that essentially feels like torture to me. Get me to make a huge improvement in pushups and/or pullups and I will be forever indebted to you!!! I would love to feel this group motivation again and participate in cheering each other on in improving our health and strength. All the best to each and every one of you!

  5. Hi Srdjan!

    Thanks a lot for a fantastic post and declaring the winners. Congrats to all participants – -including myself 🙂 – who fully completed the challenge. Special congrats to Mary for being winner and completing 1000 jump ropes in 5 mins (wow!!!).

  6. Did about 4 days then my heal got sore and had to pull out. Hopefully will be a lot lighter when it comes around again and find a softer surface to skip on. Thanks

  7. Congrats to all participants,and to the challenge winners.I came away from the jump rope challenge not only a better rope jumper,but also with a great joy of having been a part of such a wonderful meeting of such kind and supportive enthusiasts.I occasionally looked forward to the inspiring,helpful and uplifting comments and suggestions from others that were posted.I smiled every time i read them.Bless you all,and i hope to “see” you at the next challenge,which i’m looking forward to.HIII FIIIVE,EVERYONE!!Thaank you,Srdjan.

  8. As one one of those who bailed out early I’m a little bit disappointed in myself for not sticking with it, or continuing to post my numbers for my periodic workouts; but that said, massive congratulations to Serge for organising and providing the impetus for us all to get started and Mary De Biasio, it’s been said before but those are mightily impressive numbers. What rope were you using. I have a leather one with heavy wooden handles and I struggled to get much above 750, which I thought was BOOM! impressive….
    On the plus side I’m now skipping more than I was, so on average it’s 3 times a week as part of my warm ups for other work outs, so a massive thanks to Bloom to Fit for re-introducing me to my rope.
    Can’t wait for our next challenge.

    1. Hi Neil – The rope I used for this challenge is an Rx brand with a 1.3mm cable. It is very light and thin, which allows it to go very fast. The handles are ergonomically shaped for a nice grip, too.

    2. Neil, this challenge was all about motivating people to get active and teaching them what it takes to build positive habits. If you’re skipping more now than you did before the challenge you’ve gained more than you think, regardless of how many days you missed throughout the challenge. Keep up the great work and I hope to see you at the next challenge (coming soon!).

  9. Hi! I would like to know a way to loss weight. Well, you said you didn’t like to much just to loss weight, but i am kinda over weight and i have to loss like fifteen pounds, i know skipping rope is just amazing, bit maybe something else… Thanks for your answer and attetion.

  10. how do i sign up for the challenge? and i have a question too…
    i have never jumped rope before in my entire life and i am over weight. can i join this? i mean is this for beginners too?

    1. Hey Dr. Richhariya, this challenge might be a little too much for you if you’ve never jumped rope in your life before. It requires a little bit of basic skill with the rope a basic level of fitness. I recommend you try the previous 30 day jump rope challenge if you’re looking for a challenge for the next 30 days. However, you can still sign up for this challenge because we will be covering some basic stuff as well. To sign up, you just have to put your name and email address in the form inside this post.

      Just make sure you take things at your own pace!

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