30 Day Kettlebell Swing Challenge

kettlebell swing challenge

So check this out.

A week or so ago I had a random thought come through my head (this happens all the time). But it was a good thought. An interesting one.

I had recently written about spreading the virus and the importance of playing your part. The importance of becoming a host, allowing the virus to propagate through your actions.

I wanted to take this idea to the next level.

Which brings me back to this thought I had.

A lot of the content on this blog originates from the unique challenges I set out for myself. Interesting tests and experiments I conduct in the pursuit of discovery and understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

But I wanted to try something different.

I wanted to set out a challenge for you.

So, as I often do, I spoke out on my Facebook page and asked who would be interested in participating in a cool little challenge:

Thinking about doing a little kettlebell challenge. 100 kettlebell swings for 30 days straight. That adds up to what…like 3000 kettlebell swings in a month. Not too difficult. You can still do all your other training just make sure at some point you get those 100 swings in. It would be about building discipline…doing something every single day no matter what the situation or circumstance.

Who’s down?

The response was awesome!

And so it’s time to introduce the…

30 Day Kettlebell Swing Challenge

This is how it’s going to work.

Starting Wednesday July 25th, 2012 (one week from the publishing of this post), the challenge will be to perform 100 kettlebell swings every single day for 30 days straight.

100 KB Swings. Every single day. For 30 days.

The details:

  • Each of the 100 KB swings need to be done with perfect form – safety first,
  • The goal is to perform all 100 KB swings in the shortest time possible (taking point one above into account), but they do not need to be performed in one take. Breaks are allowed. But make sure to challenge yourself,
  • Choose the weight of your kettlebell according to your fitness level and KB training experience,
  • Use whichever KB Swing style you prefer,
  • You can still do all of your current training, but the 100 KB swings need to be done at some point in the day,
  • Make sure you are properly warmed up before jumping into the swings,
  • Feel free to perform your KB swings wherever you like: at the gym, at home, in the park, etc. Just make sure you do them,
  • If you need instruction on how to perform the KB swing, go ahead and grab my free kettlebell training guide,
  • If you need a kettlebell, get one here.

The idea is to perform the 100 KB swings every single day. No matter what the situation or circumstance.

But don’t let the number intimidate you. The number isn’t necessarily important. Even though 100 KB swings is not that difficult, I don’t want you to avoid the challenge because you feel it’s too much. Stick with 50 KB swings if it means you’ll actually do them.

If you happen to miss a day, do not try to make up for it the next day.

That’s not the purpose of this challenge.

The purpose is to develop discipline. Build perseverance. To learn how to do things even when you don’t want to or have the time to.

If you miss a day, move on. Keep going.

You’re going to have days where those 100 KB swings seem like the hardest thing in the world. But you’ll have to fight through it and get it done.

That’s what it’s about.

When people see you putting in the effort, they’ll want to do the same.

You’ll effectively spread the virus.

How to get Started

To officially claim your place in the challenge, you have to do one simple thing.

Click on the link below and send out the tweet I created.

Join the Challenge

This will let me (and other participants) know that you’re taking part.

Note: if you do not have a Twitter account, I suggest you create one because this is the tool we’re going to use to track our progress (explained below). However, if Twitter is not your cup of tea, don’t fret. Simply use the comment section below or the Bloom to Fit Facebook page to let everyone know that you’re in.

Tracking your Progress

As you can see when clicking the link above, I’ve created the Twitter hashtag #30KBchallenge for this challenge. For those who don’t necessarily know what a hashtag is, it’s simply a function that groups together all tweets (or messages) on Twitter that are on the same topic.

This means that all tweets sent out with the hashtag #30KBchallenge will be in one place for everyone partaking in the challenge to see.

I want you to use this to track your progress.

You don’t have to send an update every single day. But any time you have something cool to share, use this tool. Send a tweet.

Something like:

#30KBchallenge just completed my first day of the 30 day KB Swing Challenge. Not so bad.

Share your improvements and accomplishments. Share your difficulties. Inspire others in the group. Ask questions. Share your thoughts. Tell us if you missed a day (and why). Share how you upped your weight. Share whatever comes to your mind.

You have 140 characters to work with. Just be creative. Use this means of communication to keep yourself and others motivated.

Once again, if Twitter isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to post your updates in the comment section below or on the Bloom to Fit Facebook page.

Final Notes

So there you have it.

Remember that the challenge begins July 25, 2012.

That means you have exactly one week to prepare. If you don’t have a kettlebell, get one. Use a few days to work on your kettlebell swing form. Practice it. Perfect it.

It also means you have one week to help me spread the virus.

Tell people about the challenge. Get them to take part.

Share this post with your Facebook friends.

Share it with your Twitter followers.

Help me get the word out.

And don’t forget to officially join the challenge. Here’s that link again:

Join the Challenge

I’ll see you on the 25th.

40 thoughts on “30 Day Kettlebell Swing Challenge”

  1. Hey SP

    Just joined Twitter and also your challenge!!!
    BRING IT ON!!! Cant wait!!! Hopefully ill be able to stick it through!!!
    What do we do on weekends, rest days? Just asking??


    1. Nice to see you on board Hugo!

      No rest days in this challenge. 30 days consecutive. If you find yourself needing rest, spread out your swings. Break them up into blocks of 20 or 25 swings and give yourself some rest in between. The idea is to do 100 kettlebell swings every single day for 30 days. No matter what.

      And yes, I’m bringing it!

  2. Oh, and just one comment…
    Yesterday I showed my evolution with my kb and jump rope work out to a friend of mine, thinking about that mail you sent. She was actually pretty surprised and my evolution gave her that little push she needed to start a work out of her own. Not thinking about the looks but more about building a better body.

    Great tip, man!

  3. Great!
    I accepted it too. I expect real communication with real people and real support here.
    I admire your dedication, enthusiasm and passion, Srdjan. Please keep it up.
    Thank you.

  4. This morning I completed a pyramid ladder of swings and burpees:

    1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 = 100

    therefore completing 100 swings and 100 burpees.

    A great way to ease into volume with form

  5. Just bought the kb (i’ve been postponing it for too long) and joined the contest on twitter. Im loving this so far, good luck to everyone ..lets do this.
    salutations from panama..!
    I’m @M0L on twitter.
    PS: keep the great work man!

  6. I’m in! But I’m about to do 125 swings per day because I’ll be in London during 6 days (02 to 07) so I won’t be able to bring the kb with me.

    I think this kind of challenge is a very good idea! I hope there will be many more to come!

    Greatings from Switzerland!


  7. Heya Srdjan, interesting challenge…I think what I will do is send tis out to my email list, then they can take part as well!

    Keep up the GREAT work Brother! 🙂


  8. I’m in…have wanted to try an experiment like this for a while to see what impact it had on my body. This gives me the impetus to stick at it, knowing that you’ll be watching 🙂

    I’ll be at a conference for work for the first few days, so will have to throw a KB in the car and try to find a few minutes solitude to get it done.

    What are your thoughts on mixing it up? i.e. some days going straight through with a light KB, another day breaking it up into lots of low rep sets with a heavy KB etc. The idea is partly to vary the stimulus and second to help slot it in with other training activities.
    Last night I did 4 x 25 @ 16,20,24,28kg, so getting harder each set, just as an example.

    And thanks for all the hard work you put into the site. I like that there is no BS. Keep up the good work.


    Jerry (from Australia)

    1. Jerry, I think mixing it up is an awesome idea and that’s exactly what everyone should be doing. Not every day has to be the same. Some days can be light. Other days can be heavy. Some days you can do all the swings at once while other days you can spread them out. The example you gave of upping your weights for each of the 25 rep sessions is an excellent example.

      These are the kinds of things I’d love for everyone to share. Feel free to experiment. If you find a cool combination, share it with the rest of us!

      Remember that the idea is to do 100 KB Swings every single day. No matter what the circumstance. How you want to do them is up to you.

      PS – and yes, I’ll be watching 🙂

  9. Srdjan,
    I am ready for the challenge. I have started using KBs just in the past two weeks. I have just been doing the KB swing move. I feel great. I do have a history of herniated discs (L4/L5) and lower back issues. Are KBs okay to use for those of us who have had back problems? My assumption is that as long as the form is proper, there should not be a problem. Also, I started with the lightes KB in my gym, I can do 100 swings (2 sets of 50) and feel pretty good and I know I can do more. Does that mean I should move up to a heavier KB? Again, I am fearful of hurting my back by going to heavy…..any thoughts?

    1. Heather – I’m not a doctor or therapist so I can’t really make that call.

      As you probably know, I injured my back a couple of years ago and suffered a herniated disc as well. Kettlebells have been a huge part of my rehabilitation as they have helped me strengthen my core and posterior chain. It’s a very efficient and functionally-sound form of training – when done right.

      If you do decide to pursue the challenge, ensure that you follow proper technique and make sure that you listen to your body. If at any moment you feel uneasy or uncomfortable, stop. Take a few minutes. See how you feel. Then make the decision whether to go on or not.

      For a healthier person, I usually recommend to move up in weight if the kettlebell is no longer challenging. But that’s a decision you’ll have to make based on how you feel. The idea with this challenge is to do exactly that – to challenge yourself. But not at the sake of putting yourself in a position to injure yourself. Safety first. Always.

      Good luck!

  10. Will be going down to Sydney (Australia) for the city to surf (funrun) in the middle of this challenge, equipment a bit hard to take on a plane, any suggestions.

  11. I posted todays workout, did the 100 & kept going at it for 20mins, i dunno if u guys can see how the color of my shirt changed hahah i used the hashtag but let me know if its visible, how’s everyone doing today?

          1. Haha kk. I think i sent u an invite my account is private, maybe search for test one or m0l, if that doesn’t work u can look me up on your followers.

          2. or you can copy it like this @M0L
            btw, 28 days to go…today was 25 on the right 25 on the left 4 times each, for 17mins. and then 10 mins of rope skipping.

  12. Just found out about the challenge! I know it’s late, but I’m in. Excited to see how it will improve my bike training! Thanks for the challenge!

  13. I have just recently discovered your website and found out about this 100KB’s/30 days challenge. I might be on the late train but I am going for it anyway. Today will be day three. I did my second set of 100 yesterday after a long trail run and I was whooped at the end of the day! I blame the KBs. I challenged one of my workout partners to join me and she agreed. Looking forward to seeing our progression. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration.

    1. Awesome work Zee! It’s never too late to join this kind of challenge as it is a personal one. Let me know how it goes and if you have any questions along the way. Good luck to you and your friend!

  14. this sound good I think I am too late for this contest but I will do it anyways but I am working on a 10.000 reps in 30 days any body up for this thx

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