40 Kettlebell Exercises to Build a Better Body

Kettlebell exercises…

They spark the creative being within every warrior.

Kettlebell training, as I’ve mentioned so many times, is one of the most dynamic and unique styles of training. It works the body on so many levels to help develop the posterior chain, strengthen the core, improve cardiovascular fitness, and build highly functional and mobile joints.

If I had to choose only one tool that I could use for the rest of my life…

It would be the kettlebell.

The following video will show you exactly why.

The kettlebell exercises shown below vary in design and overall complexity. You’ll see variations of static and dynamic exercises and some amazing combinations of the two.

If you’re new to kettlebells, start off with the static ones. Get a feel for the kettlebell. Get an understanding of how it works with the body. And always start off with lighter weights until you get the technique down first. Then you can slowly progress to more complex (dynamic) movements and heavier kettlebells.

Without further ado…

Here are 40 incredible kettlebell exercises that you can use to build yourself a better body.

[Note: if the video player is not showing, please hit the refresh button and I promise it will appear!]

If you’re interested, you can get your free copy of the kettlebell training guide here:

Ultimate Kettlebell Training Guide 1.0

So how do you actually use these kettlebell exercises?

What I like to do is look for unique ways to combine the exercises to create kettlebell workouts that are balanced, functional and challenging. I look for ways to make them effective yet still quick and enjoyable.

I focus mainly on creating simple tabata style kettlebell workouts or interval type kettlebell routines. At times, I will also combine kettlebell exercises with bodyweight exercises to create high intensity circuits.

The options you have with this incredible tool are endless. You are only limited by your creativity and willingness to better your body.

I hope you enjoyed the video! Stay tuned for my series of kettlebell workout videos that I’ll be putting together to show you exactly how I combine kettlebell exercises to build a better body.

Once again, you can also grab a free copy of my kettlebell training guide to get started right away!

14 thoughts on “40 Kettlebell Exercises to Build a Better Body”

  1. Srdjan,

    This is an awesome video! It’s amazing how much you can do with kettlebells. You can pretty much work every single muscle group with them. I bet you got a great workout just making that video!


  2. Wow! that was serious.. Thanks for sharing the vid. Now I see EXACTLY what the moves are w/o guessing if I’m doing it properly. Im gonna try (most) of these. 🙂

    1. Glad you liked the video Shaneka! I’m going to try to put together some videos where I actually show step by step how I do some of the most fundamental movements. But that’s still to come. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

  3. Srd, dude this workout inspired me so much, its the best kettlebell workout on youtube period.

    I really appreciate you making this effort and putting the time and energy into it. Cause I’m sure it wasn’t easy. It go me inspired this is how i want to train my clients. DO you ever practices breathing exercises maybe make a video on that, do you ever do any research on nootropics? Anyways take care man your doing a fantastic job.

    1. Thanks for the kind words man. I’m happy the video has inspired you and I’m sure your clients will fall in love with kettlebell training once they see the power it holds.

      I like to meditate for short periods at a time but it’s never something I’ve really taken up seriously (I hope to one day). I’ll see what I can do about a post on breathing since it is something of great importance. I know what nootropics are but have never fully done any research on them. What’s your experience with them?

  4. I love the video!
    I just found and will follow your blog. I got the kb book but, having the video will help untill i learn the exercises.
    A little late, but i will join the kb challenge.
    I had been thinking of getting a trainer, but i think aerobic classes and the kb challenge will do the trick and save me money!
    Thanks so much!

  5. Hi

    I’ve been going to a kettlebell class every Monday at my local gym for the past 6 weeks plus i have 4 of my own kb’s at home. It has been slow but starting to notice a change in my shape combined with eating natural foods (no sugar & processed junk)… so far have dropped almost 2 dress sizes and hope to drop more and build a stronger body. I noticed last night i was finally able to clean & press a 12kg kb with no problems as i usually have problems with my left arm coping with the weight… I felt so proud to finally lift it and not have to revert back to the 8kg one… I also find perfecting the correct stance for the swing changes every class 🙂 but i find they are a great workout and can’t wait to see what changes a year will bring!

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