50 Brilliantly Simple Ways to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

50 Brilliantly Simple Ways to Make 2015 Your Best Year EverYup. It’s 2015. Who would’ve thunk it?

For me, the past few weeks have been all over the place. Birthdays. Holiday feasts. Snowboarding trips. Celebrations. Cottages. A bit of alcoholic beveraging. Hmm. Not a bad way to end the year, I must admit.

But while it feels good to be getting back to my usual routine, there’s still a lot that I’m looking forward to.

One of the things that I really want to do more of this year is write. Not just for this blog, but in general. I want to get as many words out into the world as possible. It should be an interesting journey. I hope.

Anyway, I’m going to start it off with this (ironically) short post.

2015 is all about opportunity. You have the opportunity right now to make decisions that will set the tone for the rest of the year. It’s always tough at the beginning, but things get easier as you do them more.

Some will power and discipline will be required. That’s just part of the recipe. But the best way to make things happen is to take small steps. I talked a lot about that in my post on the power of small wins.

What I want to do here is give you a little bit of a head start.

I’m going to outline 50 simple and somewhat unconventional things you can start doing right now to ensure that 2015 will be the healthiest, fittest, sexiest, most productive, and most fulfilling year of your life.

Here they are, in no particular order. Enjoy!

  1. Walk a little bit every day. Even if it’s just for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Don’t just set goals, set consequences. Set the stakes high. And set them high. Put something on the line, whether it be your money or your pride. The loss should feel bad enough that you wouldn’t think twice about failing.
  3. Snack less. Focus on eating three or four full meals over the course of the day and give your body ample time to digest properly in between.
  4. Drink more water. Feel free to add a bit of sea salt to each glass to ensure proper water absorption.
  5. Drink your coffee black. Or don’t drink it at all.
  6. Learn how to use the kettlebell. If you want to become a kettlebell ninja, my kettlebell crash course can help you get started.
  7. Eat a clove of raw garlic with your dinner every day. Yes, I said raw.
  8. Take part in a Bloom to Fit challenge. There is one coming next week!
  9. Find a new means of transportation to work. Bike. Rollerblade. Skate. Walk. Whatever. Leave the car at home if you can.
  10. Don’t eat bread and pasta for one month. See how you feel. If you decide to bring it back to the plate, that first bite will tell you everything.
  11. Start playing chess. It will make you sharp like a thumb tack.
  12. Start eating organic, free run eggs. Best would be from a farm. Sure, itt’s a tad bit more expensive. But if you can afford a $5 latte, you can get yourself some good eggs.
  13. Start drinking kefir. Your digestive system will love you for it.
  14. Pick up a book. If you’re already a reader, then pick up a genre you’ve never explored before.
  15. Stop drinking juice for breakfast. Instead, have a glass of water with fresh lime and sea salt.
  16. Take 5 minutes to stretch every single day. Particularly after a workout.
  17. Spend 2-5 minutes every single day doing absolutely nothing. Just breathe and relax.
  18. Drink more tea. Feel free to be creative with your concoctions.
  19. Add a spoon of chia seeds to your smoothie (or glass of kefir).
  20. Focus on mastering the pull-up. You will strengthen your back and improve your posture.
  21. Have a teaspoon of raw cocoa powder every day, whether in a smoothie or stirred into a glass of water. Can you say antioxidant overload?
  22. When preparing your meals, make sure that half of your plate is taken up by colourful vegetables.
  23. Add a spoon of maca powder to your smoothie (or glass of kefir).
  24. Use coconut oil wherever you can. Particularly when cooking.
  25. If you’re going to eat chocolate, make it dark. At least 80% cocoa. If you’re weak and can’t take the bitterness, add a bit of sea salt to neutralize the bitter taste.
  26. Buy your vegetables and fruits at the farmer’s market instead of the grocery store. Everybody wins.
  27. Try rock climbing. You will hurt for a week after your first go at it. Then you will fall in love with it.
  28. Ask your boss for a standing desk. Tell him/her that your productivity will skyrocket. Because it will.
  29. Start a journal. Writing is a liberating experience. Give it a try.
  30. Track your training progress. Write down every single rep and set you do.
  31. Keep a nutrition journal. It will help you gain a better understanding of what you’re putting inside your body.
  32. Focus on strengthening your core. Planks and hanging leg raises work best.
  33. Learn how to use the jump rope. My jump rope crash course can help.
  34. Use the McKenzie press every single day. Particularly if you spend most of your day sitting. Your lower back will thank you.
  35. Get a foam roller and use it for 5 minutes every day.
  36. Travel to a place you’ve never been before. It’s January. You have all year to plan for it.
  37. Get rid of cable TV. Just pick up the phone right now and tell them you no longer need their services. Now use that money for something that isn’t so soul crushing.
  38. Start preparing your own lunch the night before. No more buying lunch at work. I’m serious.
  39. Learn to prepare three simple, nutritious meals. Cooking will open up doors you never knew existed.
  40. Never use the vending machine again. Please. I beg you.
  41. If you’re going to eat out, only do so once a month. And make sure it’s at a decent restaurant.
  42. Eliminate three things from your diet: fried foods, soft drinks (pop), neatly packaged sugary treats.
  43. Solve at least one Sudoku each week. You will become a Jedi.
  44. Disconnect from everything at least one day every two weeks. No Internet. No TV. No smartphones. No technology. Nothing. Spend that time how you wish.
  45. Start walking barefoot as much as you can. If you’re adventurous, walk barefoot outdoors (or get yourself a pair of Vibrams).
  46. Get really good with your bodyweight squat. This is a natural movement pattern. You should be able to do it with ease.
  47. Cut down on fruit consumption. If you’re worried about all those vitamins and minerals, go ahead and relax. Vegetables are packed with the same vitamins and minerals, but lack the natural sugars.
  48. Instead of gum, chew on a tiny piece of raw ginger. It’s no easy task (mouth will be on fire), but oh man talk about a burst of nutrients.
  49. Stretch your hip flexors and chest often throughout the day. Sitting makes them both extremely tight.
  50. Practice getting uncomfortable. You will eventually become comfortable.

There you go, my friend. You now have 50 simple (and somewhat random) things you can do to make 2015 your best year ever.

A quick word of caution is required: do not try to put all of these into action at the same time. That would be a recipe for disaster.

Instead, choose three or four from the list that you think would benefit you the most and focus on implementing them into your lifestyle. Only once you achieve your selected few should you consider taking on more.

Now before I sign off, here’s what I would like you to do for me: choose your favorite item from the list and leave a comment below telling me how you’re going to achieve it. Let’s get a little discussion going.

Sound good? Excellent. I’ll see you in the comment section.

PS – if you’re wondering when #8 will happen, the answer is, well, next week 🙂


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38 thoughts on “50 Brilliantly Simple Ways to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever”

  1. What a great list of healthy things to pick from! I’m going to try suggestion #10 … Don’t eat bread and pasta for one month. The pasta will be a breeze for me, the bread, on the other hand, will be the tough one as I bake it frequently for my family. Looking forward to seeing if it changes how I feel 🙂

    1. Wow way to pick the toughest one out of the bunch! I gave up bread a while ago but still find myself gravitating to it every now and then (if the right flour is used). My tip: don’t have it around the house. Don’t buy it. Don’t bake it. Don’t even get the ingredients for it. If it’s not there, you won’t eat it. 🙂

      Let me know how it goes!

  2. Í find it really good:

    1) Find a new means of transportation to work.
    2)When preparing your meals, make sure that half of your plate is taken up by colourful vegetables.
    3)Travel to a place you’ve never been before

  3. I’ll go next. I am feeling pretty smug that I already have many of these in place. I have been recovering from a knee injury and just this week able to get back to walking – so really appreciate this push!

    1) Walk a little bit every day. Even if it’s just for 15-20 minutes.
    2) Take part in a Bloom to Fit challenge
    3) Take 5 minutes to stretch every single day.

  4. My Favorite item from the list is #16.Take 5 minutes to stretch every single day. Particularly after a workout. This is something that I don’t do enough of, so my commitment is to do it Daily now for 5 minutes, first thing in the a.m. or after I workout, as suggested!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Hey how goes? I’m interested in doing more of the jump rope & pull ups. Most of the others I already do, but those two I will surely add to my routine. I actually purchased the Jump Rope Ninja from you last week…thanks for the discount…just waiting for it to arrive, and I have my jump rope and pull up bar at the office. I’m also going to order the CrossRopes in a few too, so I’m super excited about that as well.

    thanks for all you do

    1. Warren, way to take things to the next level! JRN should already be in your inbox. If it’s not, please send me a quick email. Any idea which Crossrope you’re going to get?

  6. Great list mate,
    my main ones would be no’s 1, 4, 6, 8, 12,
    hope all have a great year.
    all the best.

  7. Hey Srdjan,
    I am going to attack 4, 17 and 20. Naturally I’m all in for the next challenge and I am starting a flexible strength class this Sunday. STRETCH…! Have given up wine and just enjoying the odd vodka, lime and soda ! So glad you had a relaxing new year. Cheers.

  8. I 1/2 way do a number of these, but I really want to get back to the kettlebells. I hurt my back once and stopped altogether. I am hoping to fix whatever I did wrong.

  9. I like that you posted this Srdjan!
    Disconnecting from all electronics twice or thrice a month is as profound as it is simple. Even though I’ve never done it yet, I can tell how soothing to my soul that practice will be. Thank you for that idea AND thank you for opening my eyes to the fact that veggies have whatever nutrients fruit has- in some cases even more probably! I’m happy to know this (perhaps I already knew- just forgot and needed to be reminded) because often times fruit is significantly pricier than greens/veggies only because fruit is sweet. This is a wake-up call to slowly re-introduce bitter drinks into my smoothie repertoire! This is a time for me to cease rejecting a food or drink just because it lacks sufficient sweetness.

    This is a great post Srdjan!

  10. Hello team,
    I choose:
    14. Pick up a book
    29. Start a journal
    19. add a spoon of chia seed and
    36. travel to a place you´ve never been before

    My way to do the selection… Discipline and focus on it.
    Thank you for give us fantastic energy and inspire me to live a great 2015. 😀 😀

    1. Nice list Osvaldo! Let me know what book you’ve chosen and what place you’re traveling to. I’ll make sure to check in on you at the end of the year 🙂
      And you’re right – it’s all about discipline. Good luck my friend!

      1. My friend, the book is “Create or Die” by Andres Oppenheimer. This book talks about what are countries doing to grow up in this century even with financial problems or politics. The author in his last book shows in an interesting way that education is the key for Latin America. I think now comes with amazing stories about what he saw in his last journey around the world.

        And with the place I would like to travel is Cancun here in Mexico.

        So, I follow you and be sure that I would tell you when it happens 😀

  11. Great list Srj! You are a great inspiration for my personal health and fitness. I’m happy to say that I can already tick off a lot of these! Sitting at a desk all day #16, #34 and #49 are going to be my main focus and start to loosen up my hips and back and start keeping a training journal (#30) to track my progress and make myself accountable. Bring on the next challenge!

  12. We’re (partner – makes a huge difference) doing our first 30 day challenge of 2015:
    – No Bread, No sweets, No coffee, No chips
    Day 12 and we are feeling strong. I am going to take on a few more on your list… the cocoa powder (think I’ll do it for a boost in the morning) and focus on strengthening my core with planks and hanging leg raises. Thank you so much for the great 2015 suggestions and inspiration Srdjan. Gratitude!

    1. That’s an awesome challenge Jim. Let me know how you guys feel by the end of it!
      When you add your cocoa powder, try adding a spoon of raw maca powder as well for an even greater boost. Trust me!

      PS – I agree that a partner in crime can make a huge difference. Keep up the great work!

      1. Srdjan……. awesome. Thank you for the reply and the recommendation for the
        Macca. I’m doing it. This morning was my first with the cocoa powder in my Vega post-workout shake – LOVED it! Tomorrow with the macca for sure. Gratitude!

  13. Thanks Srdjan,

    You are very inspirational both in fitness and in how you are growing your business.

    I do many of these already.
    I’m going to add #s 32 34 & 45. Core strengthening, McKenzie Press and walking barefoot. I’m also going to print the list and share it with my clients.


  14. Really nice list. I decided to pick two things from it… So:
    #20 Focus on mastering the pull-up. Mastering is a big word. I want to make at least one pull-up. Last year I was finally able to make push-ups. Not much but it’s always something. So I think it’s finally time for pull-ups.
    #40 Never use the vending machine again. That can be a challenge too. I try to quit sweets (almost done) but that coffee machines, that’s the last thing I want to quit.
    And few days before your post here I decided to stretch everyday, my goal is to do the splits. I’m on my 8th day today. After 2-3 months I want to show everyone that it’s not impossible.
    Cheers from Poland!

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