50 Jump Rope Exercises to Build a Better Body (Celebrating One Million Views with a New Video!)

Bloom to Fit celebrating one million viewsOh mannnn!

Guess what I just did!?

That’s right. I just crossed off another item from my incredible list.

Just as the end of November rolled around, one of my Youtube videos actually reached the one million views mark!

Mind blowing.

If a few years ago someone looked me square in the eye and told me that a simple little jump rope video I put together would be viewed over one million times, I would have thought they were crazy. 

(Unless, of course, they had really kind and beautiful eyes.)

But believe it or not, it happened. And, to be honest, I couldn’t be more excited. I think one million views calls for a mini celebration, so I’m going to show you what I have in store.

I really hope you like it.

The video that made it all happen…

In case you have absolutely no clue as to what I’m talking about, let me show you the video that hit the big number.

Click play to watch the video.

And here’s the official view count as of, well, a few days ago:

23 Skipping Rope Exercises

Why this is important to me…

I’m not writing this post to boast (that rhymes).

Although one million views may sound pretty cool, the number in itself doesn’t really mean much.

In fact, there could be thousands of little robots out there programmed to search for videos like mine – of guys with no shirts jumping rope in an empty gymnasium. Maybe these are just robot views. Who knows.

But here are some numbers that I do know:

The video has over 9,000 likes (98.5% positive rating)!

It has over 1,500 comments! And most of these comments are from people thanking me (you’re welcome). Others are from people telling me how much they love/hate the music (turn on/off your speakers). And an unusual number of them were there just to tell me how much I look like Jeremy Lin (really?).

So either I’m dealing with some really friendly robots, or I have some really awesome fans!

I’d like to think it’s the latter 🙂

The fact is, those numbers actually mean something to me because of what they have led to.

Inspiration and action.

This simple video of me jumping rope for 5 minutes and 41 seconds has inspired people all across the world to do something active. To perhaps find a rope, wipe the dust off their running shoes, and move. And, to me, that’s really what it’s all about. Spreading the virus. Inspiring others to take action.

Here is just a small handful of comments I’ve received.

Jump Rope Comments
I really like the last one.

You can’t see me (I hope), but there’s a pretty big smile on my face right now.

What it has led to…

Ever since the release and rise in popularity of that video, I have taken it upon myself to be a source of valuable content for jump rope training.

I’ve done reviews of unique jump rope systems. I’ve put together and shared countless jump rope drills and workouts. I’ve done variation demos. You name it. I really enjoy spreading the word about this awesome training tool.

The jump rope has, in fact, always been one of my go-to tools and I’m happy that I get to share my passion for it in this way.

That simple little video has led to the creation of the popular Jump Rope Manifesto.

It has led to two popular jump rope challenges, one of which brought in over 500 participants!

It has led to the more recently published Jump Rope Crash Course.

And even my premium jump rope training program, Jump Rope Ninja.

And, most importantly, it has led to dozens and dozens of unique relationships with people from all across the world who have inspired me to keep spreading my message.

None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the release of that video and, undoubtedly, your incredible support.

So I think a mini celebration is in order. Who’s with me?

Here’s how I’m celebrating…

It took two solid years for that video to reach one million views.

And over those two years I’ve put a lot of work into developing my own jump rope skills. So I thought it would be kind of cool to do a little before and after comparison.

You saw the before video above. Now let me show you the after (or, I guess, the present).

I created a brand new video. Double the variations. Double the quality. And, one day, hopefully even double the views!

Introducing 50 Jump Rope Exercises to Build a Better Body:

Click play to watch the video.

Thank you…

Lastly, I would like to send a big thank you (and a massive digital high five) to each and every one of you for helping me make all of this possible.

Honestly, you’re amazing and I appreciate your support more than these words on the screen could possibly show.

My hope is that my new video will give you some fresh ideas for how you can spice up your own jump rope workouts. If you have any questions about the video, the exercises shown, or if you have any requests for future (more specific) videos, please leave a comment below and let me know!

I’d love to hear from you.

Help a brother out…

Here’s the thing. If this video is going to have any chance of reaching that one million view mark, I’m going to need your help. If, and only if, you liked the video, do me a small favor and share it.

You can share this post using any of the social media buttons you see (like the ones below), or you can share the Youtube video directly on Facebook by clicking here or on Twitter by clicking here. Thank you!

I love you guys. Cheers!

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10 thoughts on “50 Jump Rope Exercises to Build a Better Body (Celebrating One Million Views with a New Video!)”

  1. Congratulations Srdjan!

    I have to say that was the video that made me reach your awesome blog. Keep on


    1. Same here. Went straight from the video to the blog and have been severely hooked on the stuff since…

      Boatload of thanks and congrats Srdjan!


      By the by, the music is absolutely fine, so those guys should just hit the bricks, man. It’s not about the music anyway. Ergo those comments were flat out off base…

      1. Well, okay, I guess my first point is just as off base as those comments cuz there is no accounting for tastes. So I take it back, sorry. But the second one is, however, valid! So boys and girls from the lot in question should hit the bricks after all =).

  2. Dragi Srle, ne znam da li je Sala vidio ovaj zadnji spot ali covjece JA SE UMORIH GLEDAJUCI TE !!!!!!
    Care , bog si

  3. You should have also doubled the duration of the video, man, it would have been even more symbolical! Keep that in mind for the next time. Cuz this video will hit 2000000 mark and you will want (of that I’ve got no doubt for “some” reason) to celebrate it with tripling the stats =).

    Thanks a bunch once again, Srdj! You’re soooo on fire…keep on crushing it, man! I’m sending you rays of awesomeness as a response to your digital high-five…

  4. I have a feeling that video will be around a long long time. It’s instructional and inspirational for beginners and experts.

  5. Add me to the list of people who “found” you because of that video. I did the 2 jump rope challenges with you. And while I still can’t do double-unders, I’ve definitely increased my jumping stamina and have better technique because of the challenges. I also have more fun jumping because of all the variations you demonstrate in your videos..I find your videos and your attitude very inspiring. Go Srjd!
    PS – You’re much cuter than Jeremy Lin 😉

  6. hey man! I’ve started with your video 5 months ago and I’ve never jumped a rope before. Now I can jump for almost 15 minutes consecutively and up to 15 double unders transitioning from one exercise to the other. I’ve started every day at lunch time in my gym and now we are 4 every day jumping. That’s amazing. Italy follows you. See ya!

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