A New Beginning for Bloom to Fit

New Beginning for Bloom to FitTwo years.

Believe it or not, it’s been just over two years since I gave birth to Bloom to Fit (wait, can I say that?).

Hmm. I can tell you this though:

It’s been one heck of a ride so far.

I’ve created a lot of content over the years. Not as much as I would have liked to, but as much as I could muster with everything else going on in my life.

And I’m sure I’ve made a ton of mistakes. Couple of set backs here and there. But the countless comments and emails I’ve received from my readers telling me that my content has helped improve their lives a little bit is all the motivation I need to keep going. To keep making mistakes. And to keep learning.

But, regardless of it all, one thing has remained the same:

Working on this blog has been an incredible joy for me. It has given me an outlet. An opportunity to share what I know and what I love. It has allowed me to unleash the creative beast inside of me.

But after two years of writing, I feel like there’s still something missing.

I feel like I could do more. Err better.  I feel like it’s time for Bloom to Fit to grow up. To mature into the beautiful flower it’s meant to be.

This is why I’m dedicating the year 2013 as the re-birth of Bloom to Fit.

Here’s what I mean…

Over the years, I’ve received a lot of great feedback from my readers.

They tell me that they find the content I create relevant. Useful. Motivating. Value-adding. And even slightly entertaining (yes!).

But there’s one thing that’s been lacking.


Although the articles are useful and relevant, they don’t flow very well. They’re not set up and presented in the most efficient and effective way possible.

And I want to change this.

In fact, I want to change a number of things.

Let me show you all the great things I have planned for this year…

New Structure

One of my biggest goals this year is to make Bloom to Fit more efficient.

I want readers to be able to easily find and identify the areas they lack most in and be presented with all the information they need to resolve that issue.

A while ago I did a survey and one of the questions I asked my readers to answer was this:

What is something that would help you get closer towards achieving your goal?

The top three responses were as follows:

  1. Very specific and applicable tips
  2. More direct information (step by step instruction)
  3. A source of constant motivation

It seems as though readers want more direct information.

They want step-by-step instruction.

They want to know what exactly they need to do to build a better body.

And that’s what I want to provide in an efficient manner.

New Challenges

Last year I put together a cool and exciting little challenge for my readers.

It was the 30 day kettlebell swing challenge.

I was surprised to see how many people actually participated (and continue to participate as they come across the article).

It was an awesome experience. Participants were required to perform 100 kettlebell swings each and every day for 30 days straight (I joined them). It was more of a mental challenge than it was a physical one, but it kept people engaged. It kept them active.

It helped them understand what it takes to develop a good habit. It taught them discipline. Perseverance. And the act of forcing yourself to do something positive even when you don’t want to.

I think Bloom to Fit needs more of these challenges.

So I’ve put my brain to the test and come up with some good ideas.

I have a brand new challenge coming up in the middle of February. I’m not going to reveal what it is right now, but it’ll be another 30 day challenge. Very similar to the kettlebell one.

And there are going to be some prizes given away as well!

So stay tuned!

New Premium Products

For a while now everything at Bloom to Fit has been given away for free.

I truly enjoy sharing what I know and I will continue to give my readers the information they need to be successful in their journies.

But for Bloom to Fit to grow as a blog and a brand, I’m going to need to provide something more. Something a little extra.

That’s why I have a few premium products planned for release this year.

I don’t want to say too much about them, but it’s all very new and exciting for me!

I’ll keep you posted.

Online Health & Fitness Consulting

This is something completely new for me as well.

Something I’ve never considered in the past, but definitely something I’m looking into exploring more in the coming months.

I get a lot of requests from readers to help them optimize their training programs, straighten out their nutrition plans, analyze muscular imbalances, suggest exercises and workout plans, teach them how to use a piece of equipment, among other things.

(I even got a marriage proposal once, but my girlfriend didn’t let me accept it)

Although I enjoy helping each and every person that contacts me, I often simply don’t have the time to give my absolute full attention to every person’s specific request.

I think leveraging the power of technology and providing an option to those who need a bit of an extra hand is the best way to go about it.

I don’t have anything concrete planned out yet, but it’s something I’m looking to pursue more in the future.

New Newsletter

To signify (and celebrate) the re-birth of Bloom to Fit, I’ve started a brand new newsletter.

And with that newsletter comes a brand new eBook: 50 Simple Tips to Build a Better Body.

This is a cool little (27 page) eBook that outlines 50 very simple and effective tips you can use in your journey to a better body.

The tips cover all the areas I typically focus on when I talk about building a better body: soft tissue health, ridding of muscular imbalances, nutrition lifestyle, stress-relief, optimal sleep, and much more.

If you’d like to get a free copy of the brand new eBook, just provide your name and email address below and I’ll have it delivered to your inbox.



I want to say thank you to all my wonderful readers for making all of this possible.

It’s been an incredible journey for me and I’m excited to see what the future holds for us.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the blog, please share them in the comments. If there are any things you’d like to see more or less of, please share them as well. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

All the best,

Srdjan Popovic



18 thoughts on “A New Beginning for Bloom to Fit”

  1. Hi
    Speaking of structure, several months ago you sent a series of emails over several days about healthy eating and exercising. I think it was called a get slim series. It was great, useful and helpful information. Just as an example – all that info in one document would be better. It’s too difficult to keep up w/ all the information in 8 or 9 separate emails – which of course now have been auto archived by my work email administrator and I no longer can access them. Thanks!

    1. Hey Elaine. Thanks for your input. I delivered that content in email format as a test to see how people responded to getting content in bits and pieces. Some liked it, others not so much. The information presented in that email series is being converted into a premium product now (with a lot more detail) and it will be all in one downloadable package.

  2. How about creating an online progress tracker for new challenges. People can sign up and record their progress in public. Encourage friends and couples to sign up together monitor each other. After the challenge is done, post a congratulatory letter on the website and archive it so we can celebrate progress. I think Google drive already provide this function to let multiple people edit it. It creates some more work for you but it would be a way to have the members and readers of your blog interact with each others.

  3. Congrats on the new updates! I am so going to do that kettlebell challenge, it will be a great thing for me to start out my day with! (with a proper warm up, of course 😉 )

      1. Keep the shirt lol. Just kidding. Great work! What ever changes you make they will be great. Just the fact that your willing to grow, change and try new ideas is impressive in todays world. Whatever you do enjoy the journey. As you grow this blog, remember why you started it! I will be following and growing from whatever you have to teach.

  4. This blog has been the inspiration that got me started back to fitness and good health! You are helping a lot of people! Godspeed in all you do.

  5. Srdjan,

    Congrats on hitting the two year mark! I know a lot of fitness bloggers that lasted only a few months and then called it quits. It’s been great reading your posts and I’m sure your new structured content will make this blog an even better resource. Keep up the good work!


  6. Hi Srdjan,

    First off, I want to say congrats on the two year mark as well! Although I’m a newer and more recent reader, I like what you’ve done so far. Those last two years are a considerable foundation to start on, so I have no doubt that you will be able to move forward and make this truly “bloom”.

    Looking forward to following you as you continue to evolve. Good luck in 2013!


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