The Best Jump Rope for Beginners: Get Started the Right Way

Best Jump Rope For BeginnersYes, it’s true…

Few things get me more excited than seeing beginners pick up the jump rope for the first time.

It’s fascinating to see them embark on a journey to becoming a jump rope ninja.

But it can be a long road for some, particularly those lacking the right guidance.

I feel really fortunate to have the opportunity to inspire and teach people how to jump rope through my videos and articles and I want to use this opportunity to provide that necessary guidance.

In today’s post I want to answer one of the most commonly asked questions I get, particularly from new jumpers: what is the best jump rope for beginners?

Let’s get right to it.

The Biggest Problem with Getting Started

In my jump rope crash course, I talk about some of the most common errors beginners make in their journey to becoming a jump rope ninja.

We talk about finding the proper rope length, having good hand position, utilizing good wrist rotation, and more. But one very important factor I don’t make very mention of in the course is the weight of the rope.

Why the weight?

While it may sound counter intuitive, using a slightly heavier rope offers something your average rope doesn’t: feedback.

Really light ropes, like simple PVC ropes or wire cables, offer no feedback. You can’t feel a light rope turning around your body and, therefore, you don’t know where the rope is during its rotation. You don’t know when to jump. And this is typically what causes beginners to make mistakes.

A rope that has some weight to it not only offers this essential feedback, but it slows down the pace of your jump which improves your ability to master proper jump rope rhythm and timing.

Keep this in mind as we go over some popular choices for jump ropes.

What is the Best Jump Rope for Beginners?

Well, it depends.

It depends on a number of factors including your current fitness level, height, jumping experience (if any), practice frequency, etc.

However, for most beginners, I think the most important factor is budget.

If you are tight on budget…

If funds are tight or you’re just looking for an inexpensive way to get started, then I recommend you get yourself a cheap $6-$7 PVC jump rope. You can get these from any big name fitness/department store (or online here).

If you only have a few dollars to spare and you think you can handle the initial frustration (from the lack of feedback), there’s really no need to get anything else. A PVC rope will do you just fine. Just understand that these PVC ropes won’t last you very long and it might take you a little bit longer to get the fundamentals down.

I personally own a number of these ropes and I love to use them from time to time.

One that I really like is the simple Valeo PVC Jump Rope.

This is a very simple, inexpensive, and easy to use PVC jump rope for beginners.

If you have a more flexible budget…

If you do have a more flexible budget and you’re looking for the best jump rope to get started with, then I recommend you go with the Crossrope Starter Set.

The Crossrope is unique in that it’s not just a single jump rope – it’s a system. You get a range of weighted ropes that you clip into and out of their amazing handles.

Crossrope Starter SetWith the Starter Set, you get the 1/4 Lb (black) Agility cable and the 1 Lb (orange) Intensity rope. The extra weight gives beginners a better feel for the rope and slows down the rotation just enough to minimize mistakes.

The black Agility rope is roughly 2-4 times the weight of a standard speed rope. The rope is also incredibly durable (you can use it indoor and outdoor) and the handles utilize high quality ball bearings that result in a very smooth rotation.

And the best part about a rope like this is that it is also a very powerful tool for intermediate and advanced jumpers. As you progress and begin to push the pace, the rope will challenge you in completely different ways.

“For intermediate to advanced jumpers, this versatile rope is ideal for development of speed skill conditioning.  If you are looking to work toward new double under PRs, for example, performing sets with this cable is excellent for developing increased work capacity”- Dave, CrossRope

Here’s a clip of me using the CrossRope Stamina Cable in a freestyle session:

Click the play button to watch the video.


So there you have it, my young grasshopper.

I’ve given you two options for best jump ropes to get started with.

If you want to get started with jump rope training but don’t have the budget at the moment, grab yourself a simple PVC jump rope for under $10 at any general fitness store (or online here). While it lacks durability and feedback, it offers a great way to experience jumping rope without damaging the wallet.

If you do have the budget and want to minimize that initial frustration, grab yourself the Crossrope Starter Set. This is, in my opinion, the best bang-for-your buck deal because not only are you getting a set of durable ropes that will last you a long time, but you will be able to keep using them even as your skills progress.

I hope this post was somewhat useful in helping you determine what jump rope to get started with. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section below.

PS – want to master your jump rope technique? Check out my free Jump Rope Crash Course and learn how to use this training tool to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

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    1. I’m not a fan of weighted handles because they feel really unnatural to use. I prefer weighted cables if I’m going to be doing any heavy jump rope stuff.

      Leather ropes are solid, but I don’t use them enough to really be able to say much about them. PVC ropes and cable ropes have always been my go-to tools.

  1. i love my crossropes, but i paid almost as much in customs feees as i paid for the ropes(shipping to the uk). which was unfortunate 🙁
    The handle on my crossrope (v1.0) gave out at the weekend, and i’m stuck in a quandary as to whether i want to risk getting stung by customs again.
    Crossropes ropes are definitely very good if you can get a hold of them

  2. I live in Toronto, Canada and am looking to buy the crossrope you used…does anyone know where I can buy a set in Canada? Or is ordering it from the US my only option.


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