Bloom to Fit Welcomes Miss University Canada

Bloom to Fit has recently partnered with Miss University Canada to help contestants prepare for their competition.

Miss University Canada goes beyond the hair, the make up, the dress and shoes. They go beyond every stereotype you thought you knew and it goes beyond the crown. They go so far beyond beauty that they will represent the real woman for who she truly is and what she is capable of.

Miss University Canada is a competition for the woman who is looking to go somewhere in life, the one who is striving to achieve, and the one who will show the passion and dedication towards winning.

And Bloom to Fit will be there with them every step of the way.

Check them OUT @ MissUniversityCanada.com

Together, we are creating a series of health and fitness videos with simple tips to help you get you in shape. See our intro video:



In the weeks ahead, we’ll be revealing one tip each week. These tips will help you improve your strength training, cardio training, flexibility and eating habits.

To check out the videos, visit the Miss University Canada blog!

KatieM - February 11, 2011

That is really awesome! I’m looking forward to your video tips 😀

Raymond-ZenMyFitness - February 11, 2011

Great video presentation love it… look forward to the coming fitness tips to see your approach getting into shape!

Alykhan - Fitness Breakout - February 13, 2011


Nice video! Good luck with the competition prep I’m sure it will be a big hit!


Kelly-Fitness Overhaul - February 26, 2011

Cool video. You have really good camera presence. Working with the Miss University Canada contestants would be cool! You should get a lot of good publicity from it too.


    Srdjan Popovic - February 28, 2011

    Thanks for the support Kelly! Making the videos has been a fun experience to say the least. Make sure to check out the videos at the Miss University blog.

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