Have Fun With This 12 Minute HIIT Workout for Beginners [Ep 69]


Need a workout to get your week started? Try this fun 12 minute HIIT workout for beginners. It's not easy, but it will get your lungs fired up in no time.

This is a three round bodyweight workout that's built around three of my favorite bodyweight exercises and is designed to boost your endurance, improve your core strength, and help you burn some calories (all in 12 minutes).

No gym needed. Grab your timer, find a spot on the floor, and let's get to work.


HIIT Workout for Beginners

Here's what you need to know for this week's jump rope workout.

Total time estimate to complete the workout: 12 minutes

Proper Warm-up

Before you start your workout, I recommend you go through a proper warm-up to which should consist of a few minutes of light aerobic activity, a series of corrective stretches, and a series of mobility or dynamic movements.

For details on how to structure a good warm-up, see the Perfect Warm-up Series.

Workout Details

I love challenging bodyweight HIIT workouts like this one because they challenge your conditioning and strength all in one.

Set your Gymboss timer to ​interval mode and set both your high and low round times to 30 seconds. That means your timer should beep every 30 seconds.

Your goal for this beginner HIIT workout is to complete each of the following three circuits three (3) times before moving on to the next.

Circuit 1:​

  • 30 seconds of squat drops
  • 30 seconds of rest

Rest 60 seconds.

Circuit 2:​

  • 30 seconds of mountain climbers
  • 30 seconds of rest

Rest 60 seconds.

Circuit 3:​

  • 30 seconds of mobility walk-outs
  • 30 seconds of rest

If you need to take longer than 60 seconds between rounds, go ahead and take it. But the shorter you can keep your breaks, the more intense the workout becomes.

Watch the following video to see what the workout looks like:​

Press play to watch the video.

Workout Modification Ideas

Depending on your current fitness level and limitations, you might want to make some modifications. Here are your options:

Make the workout easier:

Here are some ways you can make the workout less challenging:​

  • Replace squat drops with bodyweight squats, or
  • Slow down your pace for your work sets, or
  • Increase your rest between rounds to 2 minutes

Make the workout more difficult:

Here are some ways you can make the workout more challenging:​

  • Add push-ups to your mobility walk-outs, or
  • Complete each circuit five (5) times, or
  • Replace squat drops with squat thrusts or burpees

Make sure to track your results and share them in the comment section below.

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