Why your Personal Trainer Knows Nothing about Dynamic Stretching

This is a guest post by Seth Hymes. I really enjoyed reading his story and I think many of us can relate to his experience with dynamic stretching.

I don’t consider myself an activist, but there’s an issue in the athletic world that really makes my blood boil. And it has nothing to do with getting ripped abs or losing weight.

It has to do with a pretty unsexy topic: stretching.

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5 Killer Dynamic Stretching Exercises

Dynamic stretching…

Two words so powerful, yet constantly overlooked.

Two words that have the power to drastically improve your workout and your performance, almost instantly.

I recently wrote about the difference between static stretching vs dynamic stretching.

I want you to check that out first.

Today, I’m focusing solely on dynamic stretching and I’ll show you five killer dynamic stretching exercises that you must incorporate into your routine.

Let’s get started.

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Static Stretching vs Dynamic Stretching

There is often confusion between the two types of stretching methods. As I work with young athletes, I get to explain the fundamental difference between static stretching vs dynamic stretching.

Why do we perform stretches in the first place?

Our goal with stretching is to lengthen the muscle and surrounding connective tissue in a safe and effective manner. This will help us improve our joint range of motion (ROM) which will subsequently help us minimize our risk of injury.

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Benefits of Flexibility Training

Flexibility is unfortunately an afterthought for most people. A workout is incomplete without a flexibility and cool-down component. There are so numerous benefits of flexibility training that you NEED to take advantage of.

Take a listen.
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