Pat Flynn from Chronicles of Strength on the Minimalist Approach to Building a Better Body [INTERVIEW]

Pat Flynn Chronicles of StrengthThis week is all about firsts for me.

I started the week by introducing my very first episode of the new B2F workout of the week series.

And today I’m even more excited to announce the release my very first B2F interview episode.

This is, again, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I’ve been putting it off for stupid reasons (read: excuses), but it was finally time to take action and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Video interviews are completely new to me and, as you can probably tell, I was somewhat nervous at the start. Fortunately, I got more comfortable as the interview went on. I may have taken a sip of my tea/water combo one too many times!

The thing is I feel super comfortable writing, but even the thought of getting in front of a camera and speaking is somewhat intimidating. But that’s the idea right. Getting out of your comfort zone. Doing something that scares you. And always challenging yourself to be better.

Anyway, I’m super excited to share today’s interview with you. I really couldn’t have asked for a better guest to be a part of this release.

He is none other than Pat Flynn from Chronicles of Strength. Continue reading “Pat Flynn from Chronicles of Strength on the Minimalist Approach to Building a Better Body [INTERVIEW]”

Meet My New Friend: Interview With Barefoot Wendy

barefoot wendyA few weeks ago, I attended an awesome kettlebell workshop in Toronto.

(Always looking to improve that technique!)

At the workshop, I got a chance to meet some really cool people. It’s not often I get a chance to chat and sit around with people who share the same love for kettlebells and kettlebell training.

That’s where I met Wendy.

Wendy seemed like the typical fitness enthusiast. She was there like the rest of us – looking to broaden her knowledge of kettlebell training so she can share it with her clients back in her hometown in Prince Edward Island.

But there was something about Wendy that definitely caught my attention.

Something that I have come to envy…

As we broke out for lunch on our first workshop day, a few of us headed out to the nearby convenience store to grab some food. It was a chilly day. The winds were blowing and the temperature was dropping. Wendy led the way. Only something was odd. Continue reading “Meet My New Friend: Interview With Barefoot Wendy”

Interview: The Real Imad Qahwash

Hey guys!

Recently, I’ve had a chance to get in touch with my good friend and now professional basketball player Imad Qahwash.

You see, Imad is not your typical fitness bloomer. No way. His list of accomplishments far surpasses that of a normal 24 year old. He has done things and gone to places most of us will only ever dream of.

But his story is not just one of success. Not even close. His is a story of inspiration and undeniable passion. It’s a story where moments of victory are intertwined with moments of defeat. You see, we often look at people who have achieved greatness and think things just came easy to them – that everything was handed to them on a silver platter. We don’t see the blood stains or the worn out sneakers. We don’t see the stream of tears or the moments of sacrifice. We don’t see the real story.

With this interview, I wanted to get the story of the real Imad Qahwash. Knowing him and knowing what he has gone through to get to where he is now, I can safely say his story will inspire you to never stop chasing your dreams.

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