5 Unconventional Methods to Rapidly Improve Your Jump Rope Skills (#4 Will Blow Your Mind!)

Improve Jump Rope SkillsPractice makes perfect, they say.

And they’re absolutely right.

But practice, admittedly, can get monotonous. Boring even. That’s just the nature of doing the same thing – like jumping rope – over and over again.

But practice is essential. If you want to become a jump rope ninja, then you must be consistent with your practice. You must be diligent with your drills and technique sessions.

That’s why it helps to find simple ways to make practice feel fresh and engaging. It’s what helps you stay consistent.

In this post, I will show you 5 unconventional methods to rapidly improve your jump rope skills so you can get the most out of your jump rope training.

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The Best Jump Rope for Beginners: Get Started the Right Way

Best Jump Rope For BeginnersYes, it’s true…

Few things get me more excited than seeing beginners pick up the jump rope for the first time.

It’s fascinating to see them embark on a journey to becoming a jump rope ninja.

But it can be a long road for some, particularly those lacking the right guidance.

I feel really fortunate to have the opportunity to inspire and teach people how to jump rope through my videos and articles and I want to use this opportunity to provide that necessary guidance.

In today’s post I want to answer one of the most commonly asked questions I get, particularly from new jumpers: what is the best jump rope for beginners?

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CrossRope 2.0: The New and Improved Jump Rope Training System

CrossRope 2.0 Jump Rope SystemIt’s been over a year since I first got my hands on the original CrossRope Jump Rope System.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

Cracking open the box. Wrapping my hands around those rugged handles. Clipping the cable loops in and out. Holding on for dear life as the weighted ropes turned wildly around my body.

It was love at first sight, but it was also just the beginning.

Earlier this year, I was fortunate to be one of the few who had the honor of test driving the new and improved CrossRope 2.0 Jump Rope system.

And let me be clear – it was like falling in love all over again.

This post highlights some of the biggest improvements made to this powerful jump rope training system.

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How Jumping Rope Blindfolded can Turn you Into a Jump Rope Ninja

Jump Rope BlindfoldedHave you ever tried balancing on one foot?

Not too difficult, right?

But what about balancing on one foot with your eyes closed?

Quite more challenging, is it not?

Ninjas have three systems to help them balance: the visual, vestibular, and proprioceptive. Together, they help us stand in place, walk straight, and move throughout the world with what may seem like minimal effort.

But what happens when one of those systems shuts down, even temporarily?

More importantly, can doing this purposely and strategically help us improve our ability to balance – a key skill every jump rope ninja must possess?

Those are the questions I hope to answer in this post.

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50 Jump Rope Exercises to Build a Better Body (Celebrating One Million Views with a New Video!)

Bloom to Fit celebrating one million viewsOh mannnn!

Guess what I just did!?

That’s right. I just crossed off another item from my incredible list.

Just as the end of November rolled around, one of my Youtube videos actually reached the one million views mark!

Mind blowing.

If a few years ago someone looked me square in the eye and told me that a simple little jump rope video I put together would be viewed over one million times, I would have thought they were crazy. 

(Unless, of course, they had really kind and beautiful eyes.)

But believe it or not, it happened. And, to be honest, I couldn’t be more excited. I think one million views calls for a mini celebration, so I’m going to show you what I have in store.

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How to Take your Jump Rope Skills to the Next Level: Introducing my New Project

jump rope crash courseWhat’s up my ninjas!?

If you’re wondering where I’ve been for the last little while, wonder no more.

I’m back baby!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been couped up in my laboratory (umm..my office) hacking away at my keyboard like a mad man. I’ve been putting the final pieces together for a really cool project that I’m excited to finally share with you.

And while my fingertips may be a little sore (borderline bloody), I truly feel that you’ll find what I’m about to show you very useful!

Anyway, no need to keep this baby behind locked doors anymore.

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Jump Rope Triple Under Mastery: How to Become a Triple Under Ninja

[Srdjan here. This week I have an incredible guest post from my good friend and jump rope specialist Dave Hunt from CrossRope Jump Ropes. Not too long ago, Dave and I were chatting when he mentioned something that caught my attention: two years ago he could barely do a single triple under; now he’s pulling off 100 in a row. I had to know how. This post is his answer.] 

triple underThe triple under.

One jump. Three revolutions of the rope.

What’s the big deal, right?

The triple under is nothing new.

It’s been prevalent in competitive rope jumping for decades and its relevance and necessity has been perhaps a bit of a controversial topic among fitness pundits.

I’ve heard skeptics with a number of different viewpoints. Most fall into the category of individuals that just don’t think they’ll ever be able to do a triple under.

“Hey, I can’t even do double unders well – so forget triple unders!”

Then you have a handful of capable athletes that view the skill as a mere novelty.

“I can do double unders, but I don’t really see the point of triple unders.”

It is because of questions like these that I have chosen to write this article.

I believe that I have a strong case for what training benefits triple unders provide that double unders and other jump rope skills just do not. I’m going to tell you why you should strive to add this powerful and very challenging skill and exercise to your routine.

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How We Turned Over 500 Jump Rope Enthusiasts Into Jump Rope Ninjas: The 30 Day JRDUMC Summary

Jump Rope Challenge SummaryYesterday marked the end of something incredible.

Something absolutely amazing.

Yesterday was the last day of the 30 day jump rope double under mastery challenge presented by yours truly, Bloom to Fit, and CrossRope Jump Ropes.

Over these last 30 days, we helped hundreds of people from all over the world master one of the most bad ass jump rope variations on the planet: the double under

Over these last 30 days, I watched newbie jumpers make absolutely massive leaps with their jump rope proficiency. I watched, through weekly challenges and technique sessions, beginners fight and crawl their way to ninja level. I watched guys make 1000% + improvements on their double under PRs in weeks!

Absolutely mind boggling stuff!

And, to celebrate these great achievements, I want to dedicate this post to all the participants of the 30 day JRDUM challenge who put in some serious ninja work over these past 30 days.

This one’s for you! [Read more…]

30 Day Jump Rope Double Under Mastery Challenge

jump rope challengeOh boy.

It’s that time again.

I want you to dust off your trainers, tighten up your laces, and dig up that jump rope one more time.

It’s time for another challenge.

The last jump rope challenge was a smashing success. We had nearly 250 participants from all over the world come together to achieve over one million jump rope revolutions in 30 days.

I’m still rubbing my eyes in disbelief.

And now we’re going to do it again.

But this time we’re going to do things a little differently.

This won’t be just a simple challenge. No way. This is going to be one incredible learning experience.

Over the next 30 days, we’re going to help you master one of the most powerful and intense jump rope variations on the planet.

A variation that every jump rope ninja needs to have in his arsenal.

The double under.

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Introducing my First Premium Training Guide: Jump Rope Ninja!

Jump Rope Ninja ProgramWoooww!

I can’t believe it’s done. It’s actually complete!

19, 000 words, hours upon hours of video capturing and editing, and numerous series of finger cramps and headeaches later, my first premium training guide is finally finished.

And I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out.

It’s hard to describe the amount of time, work, and creativity that went into putting this program together. Long nights and longer weekends were the norm for months, but I’ll tell you this…

It was more than worth it.

I’ve learned a lot over the course of this entire creation process and, today, I’m very excited to share with you something I’ve poured my heart into for the past few months.

So, without further ado, I’m happy to announce the release of my very first training program:

Jump Rope Ninja: Build a Better Body with a Jump Rope

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