Be Mindful, Be Aware, Be Happy

MindfulnessWhen was the last time you took a moment to do nothing?

No texting. No creeping randoms on Facebook. No situps. No watching TV. No reading.

I mean absolutely nothing.

That was how Andy Puddicombe’s TED talk started (video below). And the entire concept of mindfullness really set in.

We live in a world today where we are constantly distracted. Overtly stressed. Our minds are constantly stimulated. Our eyes are always glued to devices, our fingers to keyboards, and our butts to chairs.

Studies show that, on average, our minds are lost in thought 47% of the time.

This means that we spend half of our lives completely unaware of our surroundings, our thoughts, and our emotions.

This, my friends, is no way to live life.

We are slowly, but surely becoming less mindful and more stressed and this is taking a toll on our health.

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The Benefits of Yoga and the Power of 100

My friend is a Zen Master. For months he’s been telling me about the power of meditation, the importance of understanding your true inner self and the unreal benefits of yoga.

He’s started a new journey now – the Power of 100.

What is the power of 100? In his own words:

“It is a retreat. A 100 days Yoga retreat. Right here, right now. No need to fly to India or Tibet, right here in the middle of everything. Its also a cleansing journey, both body and mind. Exactly 100 days of Yoga, every single day. No break.”

Insane? Well, maybe. 100 days of yoga – same postures, same order, same studio, same teachers. No change. As my friend claims, “For the true self, absolute heaven. For the mind, absolute boredom…”

So why pursue such an immense task? To understand this, we need to take a deeper look. What are the true benefits of yoga? And what can the power of 100 do for your mind and body?

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Guest Post: The Power of Chanting Om

My good friend Jennifer W Alters has put together a very unique guest post for my blog that will change how you think about meditation and chanting Om.

She recently listened to a guided meditation by a man named Victor Demko who is widely respected in the meditation field. He studied and practiced meditation with Sufi Master Pir Vilayat Khan for 12 years, Swami Sundaranand in the Indian Himalayas and the Dali Lama amongst others. He’s even directed and edited 3 full length films on meditative healing arts including the highly respected “Personal Time with Swami-ji.”

Today, he leads meditations in The Sufi Order International on topics such as breath, the chakas, chanting, light, mantra, sound, concentration, contemplation and realization.

Jennifer has been thinking a lot about meditation since she listened to Om Unplugged. She says it’s one of the best step-by-step guides to meditation she has seen.

Here is the post by Jennifer W Alters:

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