Triple Bodyweight Workout for Fat Loss & Strength [Episode 37]

Workout of the Week Episode 37

Welcome to Episode 37 of the Fitness Challenge of the Week series. This week’s workout a killer bodyweight workout for fat loss and strength built around a few powerful bodyweight training exercises.

This is a freestyle workout meaning you get to be creative with how you want to structure your sets and repetitions. Let’s dig in to the good stuff.

Workout of the Week [Episode 37]

Total time estimate to complete the workout: 12 minutes

Recommended tools:

Before you begin:

Always include a proper warm-up before you start your workout. Your warm-up should consist of the following:

  • A few minutes of light aerobic activity,
  • Corrective stretches (optional),
  • A series of mobility movements.

For details on how to structure a good warm-up, see the Perfect Warm-up Series.

The Fitness Challenge:

This week’s workout is the Triple B Workout. It is built around three of my favorite bodyweight exercises: push-ups, bodyweight squats, and burpees.

Set your timer to stopwatch mode and complete the following exercises for time:

  • 100 reps of push-ups
  • 75 bodyweight squats
  • 50 reps of burpees

Your objective is to complete all 225 total repetitions in as short as time as possible, ensuring good form is maintained.

Rest as needed, but the timer does not stop until all reps are done OR until the timer hits 15 minutes. If the timer hits 15 min, mark down your total reps completed for each exercise.

You are free to break the repetitions up any way you wish. You can break them up into sets of five (like I did in the video below) or you can do all of one exercise before you go on to the next one. The decision is yours.

Here’s what the workout looks like:

Press play to watch the video.

After your workout

When your timer is done, DO NOT sit or lay down. You need to gradually reduce your heart rate. Walk around taking deep breaths, do jumping jacks, or jump rope for a few minutes until your heart rates comes down.

Once your heart rate is normalized, finish your workout by going through a series of static stretches. You can click here for a full list of static stretches you can use.

Important muscles to be stretched for this specific workout: hamstrings, quads, calves, glutes, hip flexors, lower back, shoulders.

Change the Intensity:

Depending on your current fitness level and limitations, you might want to make some modifications. Here are your options:

To make the workout easier:

Here are some ways you can make the workout less challenging:

  • Cut your repetitions in half for each exercise
  • If you’re struggling with full burpees, only do half of the exercise (eliminate the jump or push-up)
  • Break your reps up into sets of 10 and take 30 second break between rounds
To make the workout harder:

Here are ways you can make the workout more challenging:

  • Double up your repetitions for each exercise
  • Try to complete the workout in under 8 minutes

Make sure to track your results and share them in the comment section below. I’d love to see what kind of time you can achieve.

Take the Challenge

If you enjoyed this workout, then you’re going to love the 21 Day Body Blast Challenge I’ve put together. It’s a 3-week fitness challenge designed to help you get started with your fitness journey with unique and challenging bodyweight workouts.

Click here to check out the Body Blast Challenge

Download This Workout

To download a printable version of this week’s fitness challenge, please fill in your information below so I know where to send it!

9 thoughts on “Triple Bodyweight Workout for Fat Loss & Strength [Episode 37]”

  1. Hi Srdjan, if you break it up into sets of 5, what happens when you have a bunch of reps left over with squats, and then push-ups? Do you just drop the burpees, and then the squats, so you’re ultimately doing sets of 5 squats and 5 push-ups, then sets of 5 push-ups at the end?

    1. That’s how I did it Rob, but you can do it any way you wish. Another way I thought about doing it was breaking it up into sets of 5 burpees, 5 bw squats, 10 push-ups and then doing a finisher at the end with 25 bw squats straight.

  2. Awesome, thank you! I think I’d prefer finishing with a bunch of push-ups rather than bw squats… so will try the 5 rep method and see how it goes!

  3. Hi Srdjan. I appreciate the good form you do with your burpees. the CrossFit box I go to I think I’m the only one that does burpees the way you’re doing them – most folks including guys, do the rolling burpees: they incorporate rolling off the leg and knee to lighten the load. This of course facilitates doing more reps but I sincerely believe it is cheating!

    What are your thoughts?

    1. Yup – I agree with you Rodney. I’ve seen the burpee done so many different ways that it’s hard to say what the “right” way is – but I’m definitely not a fan of the Crossfit style. They tend to modify a lot of their exercises to fit their high-volume training model (think pull-ups). I’d rather do fewer reps my way 🙂

  4. 45 push up
    75 bodyweight squat
    45 burpee

    This quiet difficult. .. I will try again next time.

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