Getting Ripped with Visual Impact Phase 3

Yup, it’s time to get ripped…

Again, with the Visual Impact Program.

Visual Impact has been very effective for me so far. In Phase 1, I gained 19lbs of muscle in a mere 8 weeks. Then I spent 4 weeks going through Phase 2 which didn’t yield the results I thought it would, but it was a great transition into what I’m doing right now.

On November 14, 2011, I got started with Visual Impact Phase 3 with two goals in mind:

  1. Cut down all the excess fat I’ve put on from Phase 1 and Phase 2 (not much),
  2. Build incredible strength.

What I want to be left with is a lean, strong physique. I want to hit 8 percent body fat and I want to increase my strength by at least 20% in the exercises that I’ll be doing.

I know these sound like crazy numbers but it’s totally doable with this program. I’m already three weeks into it and I’m experiencing some incredible results.

Just like I did with Phase 1, I want to share as much detail with you about my progress as I can. I’ll share the training routine, my diet and supplement strategy and I’ll document anything I think is worthy of relaying so you can truly see how this program can help you build a leaner, better body.

Let’s get into some details.

How am I going to do this?

Excellent question. Let me explain.

The Training

Once again, I’m going to be using the Visual Impact Muscle Building for Men program. Like I said, I’ve had some great results with it so far in Phase 1 and 2 and I’m expecting (and seeing) no different for Phase 3. You can check out some of the details about the program here.

In my upcoming post, I will explain the exact training strategy I’m going to be using and I believe it’s going to be a very eye-opening one. A lot of the information out there about strength building and fat loss is outdated. It doesn’t work. Everything is backwards. I’m going to reveal some great strategies here for developing a lean and strong physique.

Trust me. You’ll want to pay attention to this one.

Diet and Supplementation 

Fat loss (or weight loss for that matter) is largely (we’re talking 70% +) determined by your eating strategy. What you eat and when you eat it will play a big factor here.

I’m going to show you how I structure my diet and how you can do the same. I’ll show you exactly what I’m going to be eating for the duration of Phase 3 and how you can make slight modifications (if needed) to cater the eating strategy to your situation.

As for supplements, there aren’t that many. I’m not taking any fat burning supplements, just a few general ones (ones you’re most likely either taking or have taken) to help with inflammation, recovery and general health. I’ll explain in detail later.

What are my Goals?

To start Phase 3, my weight measurement came in at 184lbs and my body fat percentage is roughly 12-14% (Note: I don’t have an accurate means of measuring bf%, so I use reference pictures to gauge where I’m at. Tim Ferriss from 4Hr Body recommends this.)

My goal for this challenge is to bring my weight down to 174 – 176 lbs and my body fat percentage down to 8%.

But I have bigger goals than just fat loss. Phase 3 is also dedicated to building strength and lots of it. Since I’ve never really trained in a way solely targeted for strength gains, I have no idea what kind of improvements to expect. I’m aiming for at least a 20% improvement in most of my lifts. We’ll get into the details of this in the training post so stay tuned.

What’s the Time Frame?

The time frame recommended in the Visual Impact program for this phase is 2 months, but this largely depends on your current state (i.e. your current body fat levels, cardiovascular fitness, etc.). The program allows you make tweaks in the time frame to suit your specific needs.

Since I’m already a lean guy, 2 months of training in this fashion would bring me down to extremely low body fat levels (and thus low body weight). I don’t really want that.

Depending on my progress, I’m going to be aiming at a time frame of 4-6 weeks. I think this will be sufficient enough to achieve the goals I have outlined.

I’m really excited about Phase 3. I’m going to be training in a way that I’ve never trained before so I’m really looking forward to see what kind of changes my body will go through.

Stay tuned for some great content and (hopefully) great results!

Let’s see what happens.

10 thoughts on “Getting Ripped with Visual Impact Phase 3”

    1. Thanks for the support Mitchell. The results so far have been amazing and I still got some weeks to go so the final results should be on par with my target. I’ll keep you posted with the details!

  1. Looking forward to seeing your results. I started tracking my results as well since I’m making my way through the program a second time. Thankfully I’m through Phase 1 and I just started Phase 2. Lifting heavy is so much better than lifting light to failure!

  2. Srdjan,

    I started the visual impact program several weeks ago and am almost ready to go into phase 2. What are the nutritional or dietary guidelines for the second phase you used? Are they the same as phase 1 or is it already a caloric deficit?

    1. Hey D! The dietary guidelines from Phase 1 to Phase 2 really depend on the results you’ve gotten from Phase 1. For example, if you see that you’ve gained a lot of fat throughout Phase 1, you’ll want to lower the caloric intake for Phase 2 a bit. If your fat levels are low, then keep the dietary guidelines the same (this is what I did). Note that your cardio is going to increase in Phase 2 so your overall expenditure will be higher, but that’s fine because as you progress to Phase 3, your focus will be on fat loss.

      Let me know if that makes sense.

      1. Okay, I’m going to stay on the same schedule as phase 1 then, as I haven’t really gained fat. Like you said, cardio is increasing, so I shouldn’t really change it.


  3. I know I am late to the party, but in Phase 3 some of the exercises say to “prime” the muscle with 2-3 lighter sets, then 2-3 real heavy (increasing the weight each set). Is this for only the ones he mentions it on, or for all the exercises in Phase 3? Thanks

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