How We Turned Over 500 Jump Rope Enthusiasts Into Jump Rope Ninjas: The 30 Day JRDUMC Summary

Jump Rope Challenge SummaryYesterday marked the end of something incredible.

Something absolutely amazing.

Yesterday was the last day of the 30 day jump rope double under mastery challenge presented by yours truly, Bloom to Fit, and CrossRope Jump Ropes.

Over these last 30 days, we helped hundreds of people from all over the world master one of the most bad ass jump rope variations on the planet: the double under

Over these last 30 days, I watched newbie jumpers make absolutely massive leaps with their jump rope proficiency. I watched, through weekly challenges and technique sessions, beginners fight and crawl their way to ninja level. I watched guys make 1000% + improvements on their double under PRs in weeks!

Absolutely mind boggling stuff!

And, to celebrate these great achievements, I want to dedicate this post to all the participants of the 30 day JRDUM challenge who put in some serious ninja work over these past 30 days.

This one’s for you!

[Image Source – Tommy Lin]

The 30 Day Jump Rope Double Under Mastery Challenge

The 30 day JRDUM challenge started on June 03, 2013. 

The objective of this challenge was simple: help as many people as possible master one of the most powerful jump rope variations on the planet: the double under. You can see all the guidelines here.

We had over 500 people sign up within the first week!

Pure incredibleness! (yes, that’s a word)

The following map shows some of the amazing places our participants are from:

Jump Rope Challenge World Map
If you participated, the red dot is you!

The challenge was structured a little differently this time around. I did my best to implement everything I’ve learned from the previous jump rope challenge we did here at Bloom to Fit.

I was fortunate enough to be able to partner with jump rope specialist Dave Hunt from CrossRope Jump Ropes. If I’m a ninja, Dave is like a quadruple black belt three times over when it comes to jumping rope. His proficiency with the rope and deep understanding of what it takes to master this fitness tool has been immensely helpful to our participants.

Why Jumping Rope Again?

Because I said so 🙂

All jokes aside, the jump rope is, in fact, a very interesting training tool.

A very unique training tool.

In order to reap the incredible benefits of jump rope training, a jumper must know how to use the tool with absolute proficiency; otherwise, it won’t work.

Learning how to use the rope is a process of skill acquisition. It’s not something you can just pick up and start using. It takes time, work, and persistence to get it right. These are all things I go into detail about in my Jump Rope Ninja training program.

This challenge was designed to help participants become more proficient with the rope by giving them not only the motivation to persist through all 30 days, but the instruction to master this very technical skill. 

We had three weekly challenges intertwined between progressive, in-depth video lessons. Our lessons covered things like power bounding, effective wrist rotation, cadence, and common error analysis (among other things).

Our weekly challenges asked our participants to track how many total double unders they can execute in 3 minutes (Mondays), how long it takes them to do 50 DUs total (Wednesdays), and how many consecutive  double unders they can do in a 5 minute period (Fridays).

The combination of motivation (through weekly challenges) and instruction (through progressive lessons) turned out to be a very powerful learning and action-taking experience for many of our participants.

Here’s what some of our ninjas were able to achieve…

Incredible Achievements

Many of our participants improved dramatically over the course of the 30 day challenge. Some of them were finally able to hit their first double unders. Some started stringing together heavy doses of multiple double unders. And others just went nuts and hit ridiculous PRs.

Here’s a sample of what I’m talking about… 

Aparna M. went from being able to do 1 DU in 3 minutes to pulling off 61 by his 4th week! She also cut her time down from 4:45 in week two to 1:38 in week four! Massive improvement!

Carl ‘Busy Bee’ went from being able to barely do 3 total double unders in 3 minutes in his first week to being able to hit 37 by his last week! He even hit 64 during our special challenge! (Watch his video below)

It took Brian W. the full 4 weeks to reach his first DUs. But because he stuck with it he got rewarded with 6! Persistence pays off my friends!

Erin wasn’t able to do a single double under in her first week, but, putting the lessons we gave her into action, she managed to get 26 in just her second week!

Fabien went from being able to do 27 in 3 minutes to 62 in 3 minutes. He also cut his 50 DU time from 3:57 to 2:13 and his consecutive DUs from 8 to 17! Crazy improvement all around!

Helena went from 0 double unders in her first week to 42 in her first week! What??!?

Julie upped her DUs from 24 to 55 in one week. She also cut her time down from 5:22 to 2:22!

Lindsey jumped from 45 DUs in her first week to 94 and cut her time down from 1:58 to 0:58 by the second week!

Lorenzo boosted his 3 minute DU total from 34 to 92 in just three weeks. He also cut his time from 3:22 to 1:08!

Mary, a jump rope machine and the winner of our previous challenge, went from stringing together 197 DUs in 3 minutes to 260! She also managed to shave off 3 seconds on her 50DU time down to 24 seconds! Very impressive Mary!

Monte went from being unable to do 50 DUs in 5 minutes to crushing them in 1:44 by the end of the challenge!

Paige nearly doubled her 3 min DU total output from 47 to 83 and cut her 50 DU time down from 2:40 to 0:54!

Rafael cut his 50 DU time down from 3:01 to 1:58 in one week!

Scott M. cut his 50 DU time down from 6:28 to 0:53!! What the heck?!? He also went from being able to do 11 DUs in 3 min to 111 DUs in 3 min!! Wow.

Scott W. couldn’t do 50 DUs in 5 min at the start of the challenge. By the end, he was destroying them in 1:36 min.

In just three weeks, Serafin went from doing 41 DUs in 3 min to 115! He also cut his time down from 2:18 to 0:38.

Vaughan made a huge leap in his first week: from 41 DUs in 3 min to 101!

Louis the ninja went from being able to do 3 DUs in 3 min to 105 DUs in 5 min! Boom!!

William boosted his 3 min output from 59DUs to 113 DUs!

Julie cut her 50 DU time in half (from 1:11 to 0:34) in just one week!

It took Bill F. two full weeks to get his first DU, but he did it! Way to be persistent!

Trey killed it. Week one 3 min DUs: 35. Week two 3 min DUs: 199!! Week three 3 min DUs: 227!!!! Absolutely insane!

I could keep going. But, sadly, I’m running out of bandwidth here. 

All of our participants deserve a HUGE round of applause for the effort they put in to make these mind-blowing improvements.

To show some of the ups and downs that were faced over the course of this challenge, here are some of the comments that were delivered on our private Facebook group over these last 30 days. I had to pick through hundreds of these, but all of them are so good!

30 day jump rope challenge

30 day jump rope challenge 30 day jump rope challenge

30 day jump rope challenge

(I like when they look pretty :))

jump rope challenge

Then, just two days later…

jump rope challenge jump rope challenge jump rope challenge jump rope challenge

You have to love the excitement!

jump rope challenge jump rope challenge jump rope challenge

Again, two days later… jump rope challenge jump rope challenge

Something magical seems to happen after only two days…jump rope challenge jump rope challenge

You’re welcome buddy!jump rope challenge

You know you’re reaching ninja level when you start dreaming about double unders!jump rope challenge jump rope challenge jump rope challenge jump rope challenge jump rope challenge

Pure awesomeness!jump rope challenge

Battle scars are sexy!jump rope challenge jump rope challenge jump rope challenge

jump rope challenge

I told you I was running out of bandwidth here!

Let me finish things off by showing you some really cool videos that some of our participants put together for this challenge. Note: if you can’t see the videos, refresh the page and they’ll appear. Trust me, you want them to appear!!

Carl showcases his amazing progress

Chris hits a new PR!

Thanks for sending these in guys!

Final Words

Mastering the double under is by no means an easy feat.

This is a very difficult, high-intensity movement that, like any other skill, requires time, effort, persistence, and incredible grit to learn how to do proficiently.

All of our participants portrayed incredible courage over the last 30 days and I’m incredibly proud of each and every one of them. As you’ve seen, they made some amazing things happen over the last 30 days and I’m happy to say that I had a part to play in it all. I want to thank all the participants for making this challenge such a huge success and for spreading the build-a-better-body virus. You’re amazing.

I also want to send a BIG thank you to Dave Hunt from CrossRope who helped me put this challenge together. This challenge obviously wouldn’t have been the same without him.  

What’s Next

With all the amazing things that have happened over the past 30 days, it would be sad to end things so quickly. 

That’s why Dave and I have started developing a brand new jump rope headquarters. This is going to be the ultimate resource for people who want to master the art of jumping rope. It’s also going to be the largest (fingers crossed) jump rope community on the planet.

It’s all still in its (very) early stages, but if you’re interested in joining our (future) jump rope community, check out the following link and add yourself to the waiting list. We’ll keep you posted with our progress.

Jump Rope HQ

That’s it!

Another amazing challenge in the books! I hope to be announcing another challenge sometime in the near future! 

Cheers everyone!


20 thoughts on “How We Turned Over 500 Jump Rope Enthusiasts Into Jump Rope Ninjas: The 30 Day JRDUMC Summary”

  1. I am from mexico and was in this awesome 30 days challenge, but the red spot dont appears in my country </3 :(!!!!

    However thank you very much for your lessons! I couldnt be able to do what i do now 🙂

    1. Haha sorry Abraham!! I’m sure I missed a lot more. But that’s only because I used the responses I got on our Facebook group!

      And no worries! You did awesome!

  2. Morning Srdjan,

       I wanted to let you know about my morning workout.  We started out with 5×5 185lb. back squats, and we did 50 lunges between each set.  My legs were pretty worn out  Here is the best part.  We did the CrossFit workout “Annie”, which is 50-40-30-20-10 double unders and sit ups.  I missed my first DUB, then I did 44 straight, and after that I went all unbroken from there!  My final time was 7:19, and the next person was around two minutes behind my time.  I really appreciate your help, and I really improved over this past month. Take it easy,


    1. That’s awesome Chris! That’s a solid Annie time especially considering you did it after a killer workout. I think the other guys were all wondering what you were on lol 🙂

  3. Great job guys! I am glad to have been a part of this. DU’s no longer scare me!

  4. I just remember the beginning. I made only 2 or 3 DUS, how I was?? completely exhausted. And now I perform serial of 10 consecutive DUs in my jump rope routine (about 30 minutes in lenght). The next step is getting master the DU like srdjan.


  5. Well, 4 weeks…

    It has been tough and challenging, but so rich in teachings ! I struggled, but in the end I’m stronger than one month ago. I’m so glad to have shared this experience with all of you. I learned how to do DUs, obviously, but I learned so much more.

    Now I really know how nice it feels to have some support in my fight against my laziness, my obesity and my difficulties during my workouts. (I specify that I’m not as desperate as I sound 🙂

    I succeeded in improving my will to not give up each time I meet an obstacle, I only gave up once during this challenge, which it’s very unusual for me.

    Oh, a butterfly !

    I discovered I’m able to help someone who’s struggling, as small my advices and my help might be and it’s very enjoyable.

    I was already a bit masochistic before this challenge, but now, I kind of like the sting of the rope on my tibias or my forearms when I mess up… =D

    Of course, I will keep improving my technique and my score. I still have a long road ahead before hitting the 100 consecutives, but with all the drills and the lessons we had, I’ll manage. Plus, I still have to master all the other jump rope variations a ninja should know.

    Finally, congratulations to everyone, thanks again for everything and I’m already looking forward to the next challenge 🙂

    1. Fabien, you did an amazing job over the past 30 days. You not only improved immensely, but you also helped inspire and encourage so many others to do the same. Looking forward to see you crush the next challenge!

  6. This was an awesome experience with expert advice. The motivation that comes from being part of a group is priceless! The international flavor made it interesting to say the least and the people..well all pretty cool in their special way.

  7. hi guys! I just missed this sad. please do another challenge to master the DUs in the near future and i will def take take to it! Thanks anyway for your blog and various tips. Keep up with the good job! Greetings from Italy

  8. Srdj, my experience was great but I couldn’t last more than one week, I started having bad knee pain both sides and shin muscle attachments very sore, feet joints pain. I have not jumped in 3 weeks, I will implement the systematic coaching but at a much less intense schedule not to strain my joints/muscles suddenly. I am hoping the teaching/coaching material would remain on the website so I can use it as a reference.
    Thank you Srdj & Dave

    1. Hey Khaled, I hope you’ve recovered from your pain and soreness! It’s important to take things at your own pace sometimes. Let me know if you have any questions as you go through the drills and challenges!

    1. Haha timing is everything in life, isn’t it Mark? Make sure you’re signed up to the B2F newsletter and I’ll let you know when the next challenge is coming up!

  9. Doing the 30 Day DU challenge helped me focus and practice long enough to become competent at performing double unders for repetitions. My personal best was 58 in a row, I believe. Now I can use them in my training on a recurring basis. Thanks! This was very helpful and will continue to be useful.

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