I’m Going to Europe!

Going to EuropeHey guys!

I hope everything is good on your end!

I got some great news…well, for me anyways 🙂

This coming Friday (tomorrow) I’ll be doing a bit of travelling.

Nothing crazy.

Just jumping on a plane and flying across the pond – to Europe!

Here’s the plan…

So this vacation has been in the works for a while to say the least. I’m heading over to visit my girlfriend in France for two weeks. She’s been studying in a small (southern) town of France called St. Etienne (near Lyon). She’s been there since January so I’m really excited to finally get a chance to visit her!

Side Note: It’s crazy how quickly time flies. It really boggles my mind sometimes. What felt like an eternity away couldn’t have come any quicker. It’s just a surreal feeling at times.

So where are we going?

Well, first stop is beautiful Paris – the most romantic place in the world (or so I’ve heard). A place where drinking wine in the park is not only legal, but highly encouraged. A place where you can get lost in a world of baguettes and cheese (oh I’ll be splurging).

A place I’m really looking forward to seeing.


We’ll then be moving on to Italy, where we’re planning on making a couple of stops.

We begin in Venice. I’m really excited to see this incredible city – the canals, the beautiful architecture and the amazing bridges (I love bridges). I’ve heard so many good things about this place – I’m just hoping we’ll get to take it all in in the two days we have there.


After a couple days of roaming the streets of Venice, we’re moving down south to see (and lay on) some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Napoli. Sorrento. Capri. Amalfi Coast.

I’ve heard pictures don’t do it justice.

I’m looking forward to soaking up the sun’s rays and leaving our bodily figures engraved in the sand beneath us.

Amalfi Coast

We finish off the trip by flying back to France – only this time we’re landing in Lyon. I’ve heard Lyon being described as the ‘Mini Paris’ and, for some reason, I’m REALLY excited to see this city.

I guess I’ve just got a good feeling about it.

Then it’s back to Paris and a long flight back home.

Hopefully it goes as smoothly as planned.

But usually it never does. Which is half the fun.

What about the Blog?

Don’t worry. I got you covered.

I’ve prepared two pretty spectacular posts ahead of time which I’ll be posting as scheduled. So really it’ll be as if I was never gone! I guess that’s the real beauty of the Internet.

Although I won’t be around a computer very much while I’m over there (can you blame me), I’ll make sure to jump on every now and then and reply to any comments (and emails).

Just don’t hate me if it takes a bit longer than usual!

I’m really looking forward to exploring these incredibly unique cities. I can’t wait to try new foods and new drinks. I love exploring new cultures and discovering things radically different from anything I’ve seen.

I’m really excited to drink real coffee in the mornings and sip on real wine in the evenings.

I can’t wait to walk around aimlessly through cities and get lost in the architecture and the history.

And, of course, I’m hoping to find some adrenaline-rushing activities to get my juices flowing!

I’ll make sure to take notes and observations so I can prepare a full post about my trip when I get back. I’m hoping to get a few videos in there as well.

Anyways, that’s it for now!

I’ll see you guys in a couple of weeks!

To your better body,

Srdjan “Off to Europe” Popovic

14 thoughts on “I’m Going to Europe!”

  1. Hey Srdjan

    Sounds like a great trip. If you get chance pop down to Southern Spain. (Marbella) The weather is fantastic here at the moment and the beaches not too crowded. Also if you want “real coffee” then Spanish is the best…honestly. Believe me I have a chronic caffeine addiction because of it 🙂 .
    Anyway hope you and the missus have a great time…. Italy is wonderful and the food is just out of this world…
    Remember if you need some sun on your back you know where to find it.


    1. Hey Howard, thanks for the invite! Unfortunately time was limited otherwise I would’ve definitely stopped by (I visited Spain last year and it was my favorite place in the world – esp. Barcelona). It’s funny you say coffee is the best in Spain, because the Italians are claiming the same thing 🙂

      PS – Pizza in Napoli is out of this world!

  2. Sounds exciting!!
    My goal within the next yr is to see Italy. Good for you. Enjoy, take many pictures.

    Have fun and be safe.

  3. Hi Sjdjan, sounds fab to me, I live in Spain, Murcia, so I know what you mean about the coffee thing. We drink one over here with Brandy & a 43liqueur in it. it’s very popular and a bargain at 1.20euros. It’s called an Aseaticos, (probably the wrong spelling) but that’s how you pronounce it. Have a great time, don’t forget the SPF. See if you can convert the Europeans to your fitness regime, some of them are geting quite lardy. The Medditteranean diet seems to have taken a back seat and the fast foods junk places are more popular with the Spanish now. Hasta Luago Mi Amigos, Adios!

    1. Hey Tania! Thanks for the great tips. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to stop by in Spain (although I would have loved to). And I made sure to let them all know about Bloom to Fit (jk) 🙂 But I’ve noticed some interesting things when it comes to fitness and nutrition over there. I’ll make sure to outline them in an upcoming post.

      PS – That drink sounds incredible!

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