10 Minute Jump Rope Workout Routine You Can Do Anywhere [Episode 70]


What's up guys! I'm back with another epic 10 minute jump rope workout routine that's fun to do anywhere, anytime. No gym required.

This one was a tough one to get through as I cycled through three (3) different jump ropes of progressively heavier rope weights (you'll see in the video). If you need a good workout to challenge your conditioning, this one's for you.

Grab your rope(s), your timer, and let's get started.


Jump Rope Workout Routine

Here's what you need to know for this week's jump rope workout.

Total time estimate to complete the workout: 10 minutes

Proper Warm-up

Before you start your workout, I recommend you go through a proper warm-up to which should consist of a few minutes of light aerobic activity, a series of corrective stretches, and a series of mobility or dynamic movements.

For details on how to structure a good warm-up, see the Perfect Warm-up Series.

Workout Details

This jump rope workout routine is built around four simple jump rope exercises. You will need to set your timer to simple interval mode and just set it up to beep every 30 seconds so you know when to switch between exercises.

Your goal for this workout is to complete the following sequence of jump rope exercises for three (3) rounds where each round uses a heavier rope:

  • 30 seconds basic jumps
  • 30 seconds jump rope sprints
  • 30 seconds jump rope jacks
  • 30 seconds jump rope twists
  • 60 seconds rest

Here's how I split up my rounds with different ropes. Note that all of my ropes come from the Crossrope Plus Set (which contains four rope weights).

  • Round 1: 1/4 Lb Agility (black) rope
  • Round 2: 1/2 Lb Energy (blue) rope
  • Round 3: 1 Lb Intensity (orange) rope

Again, if you don't have a set of heavy jump ropes, just use one rope for all rounds - it's not as effective, but you'll still get a good workout in.

You can watch me crush the workout here:

Press play to watch the video.

Workout Modification Ideas

Depending on your current fitness level and limitations, you might want to make some modifications. Here are your options:

Make the workout easier:

Here are some ways you can make the workout less challenging:​

  • Substitute basic jumps for any jump rope exercise you're struggling with, or
  • Increase your rest between rounds to 90 seconds, or
  • Slow down your jumping pace

Make the workout more difficult:

Here are some ways you can make the workout more challenging:​

  • Add an extra round and use the 2 Lb Fury rope from your set, or
  • Complete each round with the 1 Lb Intensity rope
  • Push the pace to 80% effort on each work session

Make sure to track your results and share them in the comment section below.

Need a real challenge?

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  1. Very nice workout indeed!! That’s the first time that I’ve ever done twisters with a 1 lb. rope. Thanks again, Serge!!

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