5 Things to Remember When You Can’t Find Time to Exercise

No Time for Exercise

Are you struggling to find time to exercise?

Perhaps you're a busy parent. A business owner. Or you just live on a hectic schedule and you're constantly stressed because you can't find time to exercise.

Whatever your case, I get it. Finding time to exercise can be a damn challenge.

But it's not impossible. It's not.

Today I want to share with you 5 simple reminders about exercise that will hopefully inspire you to get back into exercise mode, no matter how suffocating your schedule may be. You in?

Let's dig in.


Reminder 1: Focus on movement

We've talked about this before.

In my earlier post on spending less time in the gym, I talked about the importance of thinking bigger. I discussed the importance of opening your mind to a new way of thinking about exercise. In fact, I encouraged you to stop thinking about exercise and start thinking about movement.

Let me be honest about something...

I don't always have time to exercise.

I have a business that keeps me busy. I have a girlfriend who I love to spend quality time with. And I have friends and family that I love to be with.

But I always make sure that I make movement a priority in my life.

So while there are days where I might not have time to lift weights, I'll go rock-climbing with my friends.

Rock Climbing

That's me. The one on the ground looking up 🙂

Remember - movement is the big picture.

It's going for a hike with your family. Or choosing to take the stairs over the escalator. Or hanging off of monkey bars with your kids. Or just getting up from your chair every once and while and giving your muscles a good stretch.

That's what you need to focus on because when you focus on movement (instead of exercise), you start to find openings in your schedule that you never thought existed.

You start to feel less stressed about "finding time" to exercise.

And that means everything.​

Reminder 2: Simple is OK better

Fact: you don't need 36 exercises in your routine for it to be effective.

You probably only need 4-5 total. Perhaps even less.

More isn't always better. Better is better.

I see people add all sorts of fancy exercises to their routines because they see others doing them. That's cool. I like trying new exercises too.

But don't over-complicate things.​

Don't overload your routine with redundant exercises because 1) your workouts will be too long, and 2) it won't really help you get any better results.

So here's what I want you to ask yourself?

Are there any exercises in my routine that are redundant?

If so, get rid of them.

Hint: most isolation exercises fall into this category.

Remember - the best thing you can do is keep things simple.

Focus on big movements that target multiple muscle groups - compound exercises like presses, squats, deadlifts, and pull-ups will get the job done.

And high-intensity and dynamic exercises like jump rope sprints and double unders, kettlebell swings, hill sprints, and bodyweight exercises like burpees will cover all of your strength and conditioning needs.

Again - simple.

Reminder 3: Short and sweet is ideal

I love being efficient with everything.

Being efficient allows me to get more shit done in less time.

And a good, efficient workout - one built around the essential exercises we've just discussed - is no different.

The best ones can be done anywhere (without the confines of a gym) and in as little as 10-20 minutes.

So how do you keep things efficient?

You keep your workouts short, sweet, and intense.

We've already covered the importance of choosing the right exercises. Now you want to build your workouts around those exercises using simple workout protocols.

Workouts like the ones I send you each and every week.

And there are a lot of styles to choose from - interval training, circuit training, EMOMs, etc. - that will get your heart rate up, challenge your muscles, and give you a nice sweat without you even having to head down the gym.


Simple tools. Simple workout protocols. That's all that's needed.

And if you're looking for workouts that utilize all of the workout samples I've mentioned, check out one of my awesome fitness challenges.

Reminder 4: Consistency is a good thing

We are simple creatures. But we get bored easily.

Which explains why we're constantly looking to change things up, especially our workout routines.

You probably heard of the idea of changing things up to keep your muscles guessing.

Let me tell you something - your muscles don't need guessing. They need consistency. They need a workout routine that you'll actually do regularly.

If something works, keep doing it. Just keep getting better at it.

Reminder 5: It's the process that matters

Don't get hung up on results.

Focus on the process.​ Focus on your system.

It's the system that you need to establish - one that will allow you to be consistent with your workouts. 

If you're not consistent, it doesn't matter how effective your exercises are or how simple and short your workouts are. Without consistency, there is no progress.

Consistency is established through your system.​

How do you establish a system?

You start by setting the right goals and then building out your daily and weekly commitments to help guide you to reach those goals.

Then you focus on those commitments. Nothing else.

Want to see how this process works?​

Read more: How to use Commitments for Long-Term Success​

Your Turn

We all struggle with finding time to exercise.

But my hope is that these simple reminders will help you realize that it doesn't have to be as complicated as you think.

Now tell me in the comments below...

Which reminder is most important to you?

Leave your response in the comments below and we'll chat.​

10 thoughts on “5 Things to Remember When You Can’t Find Time to Exercise”

  1. Well my reminder is that as soon as I entered in my home, I start doing my exercise routine, so that before I procastinate, I do the main thing.
    I normally do, skipping rope with crunches, squats, push ups. But if sometimes I am not in a mood to do workout than I just walk more.

  2. Short & sweet is my motto. I don’t like to workout longer than 30-40 min, so I look for exercise routines that burn the max amt of calories in a short amt of time.

      1. I have some kickboxing dvds I like to do, but generally gravitate toward circuit training. Today I’m experimenting with super sets..

  3. The thing is the number 3 is the what i prefer, use short amount of time to exercise, i have other commitment, so simple short and intense workout is preferable especially workdays. no excuse, only when i have free time i will spend up to 40 to 1 hour of workout.

  4. My favourite are #1 on movement and #3 short & sweet 😀 In fact, I think both reminders are supporting each other!

    On the most laziest days, I turn to my cats, especially the younger generation, as they are always game for short burst of running outside the house. On my busiest days when tasks or chores feel like infinity, I MAKE those as my exercise LOL For example, floor need to be mop? Done with alternating sides (where you put the mop) and add a little bit of Karate Kid style 😛

    So even if I might have to forgo my usual exercises with jump rope and weights, I still can get my body as active as I can with my own body, cats and cleaning tools ;D

  5. Dear Serge,
    Your blog is both helpful and useful. Thank you. You sound more intelligent when you do not use profanity. Profanity is for people who are not quick enough on their feet to think of intelligent and diverse words to say, and is much worse in writing. Hope you take this criticism well 🙂

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