Pat Flynn from Chronicles of Strength on the Minimalist Approach to Building a Better Body [INTERVIEW]

Pat Flynn Chronicles of StrengthThis week is all about firsts for me.

I started the week by introducing my very first episode of the new B2F workout of the week series.

And today I’m even more excited to announce the release my very first B2F interview episode.

This is, again, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I’ve been putting it off for stupid reasons (read: excuses), but it was finally time to take action and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Video interviews are completely new to me and, as you can probably tell, I was somewhat nervous at the start. Fortunately, I got more comfortable as the interview went on. I may have taken a sip of my tea/water combo one too many times!

The thing is I feel super comfortable writing, but even the thought of getting in front of a camera and speaking is somewhat intimidating. But that’s the idea right. Getting out of your comfort zone. Doing something that scares you. And always challenging yourself to be better.

Anyway, I’m super excited to share today’s interview with you. I really couldn’t have asked for a better guest to be a part of this release.

He is none other than Pat Flynn from Chronicles of Strength.

Interview with Pat Flynn from Chronicles of Strength

Pat Flynn is the founder of Chronicles of Strength, a blog dedicated to helping people grow stronger and leaner through a philosophy he calls fitness minimalism. He’s also a strength coach, kettlebell instructor, and just an all around cool and knowledgeable guy. 

Pat is now also the co-author of a brand new book, Paleo Workouts for Dummies (Amazon link), which just released this past week. I’m still waiting to get my copy, but I’ve heard that the book is the perfect concoction of minimalist workouts, simple eating strategies, and simple-to-follow strategies to growing leaner and stronger.  You’ll get to hear all about it in today’s interview.

Pat and I sat down to talk about his minimalism approach to health and fitness, how to structure workouts that are both effective and efficient, a simple approach to staying motivated, the effectiveness of intermittent fasting and how to get started with it, the only three exercises you’ll ever need (these might surprise you), and about the release of his brand new book, among many other things. The interview is absolutely jam-packed with useful information.

You can watch it in full here:

(Sorry about the slight echo effect!)

Links and Resources Mentioned in the Interview

Here are all the links and resources that were mentioned in the interview:

*Special Deal for Bloom to Fit Readers*

As mentioned at the end of the interview, Pat has been generous enough to offer up a special bonus to all Bloom to Fit readers. 🙂

Here’s the deal: if you grab a copy of his book, Primal Workouts for Dummies (use this link), you’ll also get a special bonus on top of the extra stuff that’s already offered. You’ll only find out what the special bonus is by getting yourself a copy.

To get your bonuses, make sure you send an email to christinemooney[@] with a copy of your receipt and the subject line Srdjan (make sure you spell my name right or it won’t count!). She’ll hook you up with all the cool bonuses! Just a reminder, these offers expire December 02, 2013!

Audio File Download

If you’d like to get the audio version of this interview, here’s how you can get it: simply hit one of the share buttons below to share this post and you’ll unlock the audio download link!

I hope you guys really enjoyed this very first interview session with Pat Flynn.

If you have ideas for how I could make future interviews better, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below! And if you have any questions for myself or for Pat about any of the topics we discussed in the interview, please don’t hesitate to leave them as well.


6 thoughts on “Pat Flynn from Chronicles of Strength on the Minimalist Approach to Building a Better Body [INTERVIEW]”

  1. Great interview. Great concept. I believe it would be just the thing for most folks. Wouldn’t work for me as I feel a natural need to max out my entire body at least 5 times a week. Lots of jump rope and sprints as well as a basic barbell workout in the morning. It also keeps me calm and works like meditation. I take 2 days off and gorge on whatever I want (usually on the weekends), but maintain a strict diet (I hate that word),of veggies and tons of friut and fish during the week. After a couple of years of serious workouts and research this is what I finally landed on . I found even with a little recreational misbehavior on the weekend (only) I can stay cut and make huge muscle gains. I do listen to my body and mind. When I start to get a little cranky and don’t look forward to my next workout. I shut it down for a few days. Rinse and repeat. I can give you sole credit Srdjan as your jump rope video started the whole thing. I can’t even count the people I have done a rope demo for impromptu. Hospitals, companies, construction sites, airport ramps you name it. I carry one everywhere. It always brings a smile and a “let me try that”.

    1. Aaron, it sounds like you got a great system set up for yourself. I can definitely relate to many of the things you mentioned. It goes to show that different things work for different people. I think Pat did a great job of outlining a simple system for those who are not sure with what path to take.

      I’m pumped to hear that my videos helped get you started and, more importantly, got you to inspire others to do the same! After all, that’s what it’s all about – spreading the virus. 🙂


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