Guest Post: The Power of Chanting Om

My good friend Jennifer W Alters has put together a very unique guest post for my blog that will change how you think about meditation and chanting Om.

She recently listened to a guided meditation by a man named Victor Demko who is widely respected in the meditation field. He studied and practiced meditation with Sufi Master Pir Vilayat Khan for 12 years, Swami Sundaranand in the Indian Himalayas and the Dali Lama amongst others. He’s even directed and edited 3 full length films on meditative healing arts including the highly respected “Personal Time with Swami-ji.”

Today, he leads meditations in The Sufi Order International on topics such as breath, the chakas, chanting, light, mantra, sound, concentration, contemplation and realization.

Jennifer has been thinking a lot about meditation since she listened to Om Unplugged. She says it’s one of the best step-by-step guides to meditation she has seen.

Here is the post by Jennifer W Alters:

A meditation on meditation.

Some ask what possible good can come from meditation, the dedicated and disciplined practice of chanting Om?  They say, didn’t we go through this in the late sixties and early seventies after the Beatles went to India, introduced the sitar into their music and inspired a generation to submit to “eastern” influences?  Is it really more miraculous because it comes via broadband or digitized on a plastic disk?  Would it not make just as much sense to read and experiment with sacred Hindu texts via an iPad?  What does anyone, more specifically anyone who is you, gain from chanting Om?

Health benefits?

How about if we wait until we see the Nike Air “Meditator” before we get all revved-up over this Om-chanting business?  How about we just wait until Sanjay Gupta flashes that toothy grin and announces, “The Surgeon General today issued a strong recommendation that all people with pulses begin chanting Om”?

Psycho-spiritual benefits?

Didn’t we outgrow our penchant for psycho-babble just before college graduation?  Among grown-ups, that stuff seems kind of silly, doesn’t it?  Why not focus on taking our spirits in their distilled form and achieving altered consciousness with a little barley boost?  Is a psycho-spiritual awakening going to keep the bank from foreclosing on my house, repossessing my car, or sucking the equity out of my three children?

Then again, what if…?

Of course, no one really can find any harm in meditation.  How could it possibly hurt to spend twenty quiet, peaceful minutes chanting Om?  Maybe not while I’m driving, but can’t I find some otherwise wasted time for collecting and quickening my mind, body, soul, and spirit?  How much time do I waste on FaceBook every day?  I’ve seen the studies; why should I reject clinical evidence that chanting Om really does benefit my cardiovascular and pulmonary systems?  Why should I dismiss convincing research that shows meditation is just as effective as anti-depressants and mood regulators?  I overheard Ol’ Murphy at the office saying that he’s been doing some transcendental stuff, and he was employee of the month last month; so it can’t be that weird, can it?  Doesn’t cost anything.  Doesn’t leave you sore afterwards.  How can it hurt to try it?  What’s the worst that can happen; I fall asleep?  I can live with that.

To discover the benefits of meditation and the power of chanting Om, here is a great guided meditation CD that will teach you what you need to know:

Om Unplugged: A Step by Step Guided Meditation for Awakening & Self Realization

Shanti Om and Peace

8 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Power of Chanting Om”

  1. Srdjan,

    Interesting post. I haven’t tried meditation, but my dad is really into it. Like you said, it certainly can’t hurt stress levels and mental health. I think our society is way too stressed for its own good these days. And I probably do spend too much time on Facebook.


  2. Cool post,

    I recently started yoga, and I love it. Though I’ve had to face the fact that I have a long way to go to full body mastery, the meditation seemed to fit straight away. I’d recommend it to everyone. It really does feel great, a real antidote to the pace of modern life.


  3. My wife is currently doing her Dru Yoga teacher Meditation training and she loves the word … apparently its the sound of the universe?
    At the beginning of yoga OM is so deep and resonating it does feel very powerful but most times I don’t really like Zazen I prefer to meditate in action, like while I’m running which makes it hard to OM.

  4. I have always been in to learning about meditation, visualization, and many other methods such as EFT, the Silva method, and Sedona method. I can’t say that I have mastered any of them, but I always feel great when practicing them and if I get away from them for a while, I always seem to go back. I think sitting quietly for fifteen minutes or so is a great way to relieve stress and clear your mind as well.

    Very interesting post, and I think that meditation will help people to increase their health and fitness more than they know!


  5. Great post,

    I think mediating is one of those things that everyone wants to do but few actually invest the time in being quiet.

    The closest I get is long running which puts me in a state of trance and requires a little chanting to stay in the moment.

    Thanks for the tips – I’m going to make an effort to mediate.

  6. @Alykhan
    I think we all spend a bit too much time on Facebook. If we were to take even a small portion of that time (even 5 min) and dedicate it to a relaxing session composed of deep breaths and thought prioritization, we would be much better off when it comes to our stress levels.

    Well said. Full body mastery is a difficult thing to achieve, but our aim should be to start somewhere. What kind of yoga are you doing?

    Meditate in action? Please explain 🙂

  7. @Kelly
    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. People truly underestimate the power of meditation. They only realize its potential once they try it. At the end of the day, we all need a way to clear our busy minds!

    Meditating won’t give you bigger muscles or a ripped six-pack so people don’t place as much focus on it. But having the ability to control your thoughts and take stress off of your mind is a great power.

  8. I was searching for “Om Chanting” and came across this post. When sitting for meditation I usually don’t like to do anything. I just like to relax and sit. However, I have found that it’s particularly important to chant Om or any powerful mantra like Mrityunjay Mantra before sitting for meditation as they help your mind to tune into spiritual dimension.

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