Sunday Morning Workout

I recently joined the Strength and Conditioning club at University of Waterloo. I figured it would be a great way to meet some like-minded people who I always seem to see at the gym.

Today was our first event. It was a beautiful morning and I was pumped to get started. A decent amount of people turned out and my competitive juices were flowing.

One of the members put together a short crossfit workout. As much as I’ve read about the unique training style, I’ve never actually done a crossfit workout. But I love circuit training and interval training so I thought it wouldn’t be any different.

But man was I wrong.

Many people define crossfit in this way:

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program built on constantly varied, if not randomized, functional movements executed at high intensity.– Coach Greg Glassman

Crossfit Workout

It’s fast. It’s random. It’s super INTENSE.

I’ll have a more in depth article on crossfit and its benefits in a future article.

So, this was our Sunday morning workout:

First round:

50m lunges
50m sprint
15 burpees

Perform this routine 3 times in a row. You’re aiming to complete this in the lowest time possible.

My time was good enough to make it to the final round. But my legs were on fire and my heart rate was through the roof. A long rest period was required.

Final round:

50m sprint
15 pushups
50m sprint
15 pushups
50m sprint

I finished 2nd overall and received a much-needed protein bar as a prize. Everyone pushed their limits and it turned out to be a wonderful start to the day!

That was my Sunday morning workout!

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