Bulletin: Diet Sodas Actually Make you Gain Weight

I must admit – I had an unusually odd smirk on my face when I came across this article. The headline drew me in and I felt a slightly overwhelming feeling come over me.

It was one of those ‘Yea, I knew it all along!’ kind of feelings and it made me all warm and tingly inside (I feel kind of weird saying this).

From the moment they were introduced, I knew this stuff was wayyyy too good to be true. I mean seriously – zero calories?! No sugar? What the hell was going on?

But, just like everything else that is beautifully packaged and accompanied by millions of dollars of marketing, people quickly adopted it. In fact, they fell in love with it. Diet sodas sneaked their way into lunchboxes all across North America.

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Nutrition Data – Everything you Need to Know About Your Food

By now, you should all be aware that how you feel, how you look, and essentially how you live largely depend on the foods that you choose eat.

It’s that simple.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain weight or simply lead a healthy lifestyle, 70% of your results will be determined by the quality and quantity of the foods you choose to consume.

But how do you know exactly what you’re consuming?

How do you know if you’re truly getting the nutrients you need to achieve the results that you’re after?

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Food Matters: An Eye-Opening Documentary

I recently had a chance to sit down and finally take a look at a documentary that was recommended to me weeks ago.

It’s a documentary about food – one of my favorite things in the world.

It’s called Food Matters and it’s going to open your eyes to the powerful effects nutrition can have on your health.

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What is so BAD About Sugar?

My first article in this category, What is so BAD about Sodium, was a real eye-opener for many people. This week I’m going to try to accomplish the same with the next big hitter – Sugar.

History of Sugar

The history of sugar is rather intriguing. Back in the eighteenth century, sugar wasn’t available to just anyone like it is today. The extraction process of simple sugars from plants was a very difficult task and only the rich and noble could afford it.

Sugar was a luxury.

But things quickly changed with the invention of machinery that could drastically simplify the extraction process. Sugar quickly became the cheap commodity that it is today. It was also the ideal fuel for cheap labor workers in European factories and its consumption exploded as it became a household item.

That being said, it was also 200 years ago that doctors first noticed the negative effects sugar had on the human body.

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What Does Coffee Mean to You?

Have you heard about the most recent story about the man named Jimmy Craig who got banned for life from Tim Horton’s. It made me put down my cup of joe and think about what coffee really means to us as a society.

Coffee truly is a daily ritual for many of us and a day doesn’t really start until we’ve had our first sip. The taste, aroma, and the sense of refreshment and energy we get after a cup of coffee brings us pleasure in a way no other drink can.

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