What is so BAD About Sugar?

My first article in this category, What is so BAD about Sodium, was a real eye-opener for many people. This week I’m going to try to accomplish the same with the next big hitter – Sugar.

History of Sugar

The history of sugar is rather intriguing. Back in the eighteenth century, sugar wasn’t available to just anyone like it is today. The extraction process of simple sugars from plants was a very difficult task and only the rich and noble could afford it.

Sugar was a luxury.

But things quickly changed with the invention of machinery that could drastically simplify the extraction process. Sugar quickly became the cheap commodity that it is today. It was also the ideal fuel for cheap labor workers in European factories and its consumption exploded as it became a household item.

That being said, it was also 200 years ago that doctors first noticed the negative effects sugar had on the human body.

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