The 21 Day Kettlebell Squat Challenge

Kettlebell Squat ChallengeThat time has come again, my friends.

Although we’ve had a couple of months to relax since our last burpee adventure, it’s time to step outside of that comfort zone one more time.

A new challenge is upon us.

And this one, my young grasshoppers, is going to be a doozy.

I’m going to need you to wipe the dust off that beautiful kettlebell of yours the moment you finish reading this and get it prepped for what’s to come. There’s much, much work to be done.

Whether or not you’re a fan of “leg day”, the next 21 days are going to grueling. But don’t let that discourage you. If you have the cajonas to join us and the discipline to stick through this challenge, you will be rewarded with some dandy results.

Your legs may turn into titanium plates. Your buns might start to look like sweet, sweet grapefruits. Your strength and mobility will begin to parallel that of a ninja. And your core will tighten up so much that it will scare the fat right off your body. What more can you ask for before summer?

Let’s get started.

The 21 Day Kettlebell Squat Challenge

Welcome to the third Bloom to Fit challenge of 2014.

Important Note: the 21 Day Kettlebell Squat Challenge is now under way and closed to new participants. You may still participate in the challenge on your own by following the details outlined in this post, but access to the private Facebook group and tracking system is unavailable until the next challenge. If you’d like to be notified of all our upcoming challenges, please click the yellow “Get Notified” button below.

The 21 Day Kettlebell Squat Challenge will begin on Monday June 09, 2014 and will run all the way through June 29, 2014. Your objective over the course of those 21 days of hell will be to complete a total of 1,000 kettlebell squats.

kettlebell squat
You can do your squats wherever you please, just make sure to go deep.

While 1,000 repetitions may sound like a lot, it only really comes out to roughly 50 kettlebell squats per day – for 21 days straight. You can break those down any way you want. 5 sets of 10. 50 sets of 1. It doesn’t really matter.

What does matter is that, by the time those 21 days are over, you have 1,000 kettlebell squats completed. You don’t even have to do your squats every single day. You can split them up any way you wish. You can go hard one day. Take another day off. Spread them out evenly throughout. Or start off slow and build up your volume over the course of the challenge. It’s really up to you.

Here are some of the effective strategies that were used during the burpee challenge which can easily be replicated here:

Daily rep approach: split your 1,000 kettlebell squats into equal daily reps and find a few minutes throughout the day to do them. This can be in the morning when you wake up, right before dinner (great for getting your metabolic furnaces going), or really whenever you please. You can do them all at once or split them up into small chunks to do throughout the day.

On-the-spot approach: also known as the grease-the-groove approach (in kettlebell speak), allocate an area in your house/workplace/gym where you are to do your kettlebell squats. Every time you pass by through this area, do a set number of repetitions. For example, you can set up a small “squat area” in your living room. Every time you walk through the living room, do 10 squats. If you were to walk through your living room five times over the course of the day, you’d have your 50 daily reps complete.

Few days on, a few days off: break your week up into four days of training (84 kettlebell squats a day) and three days of rest. Or feel free to play around with other combinations like 5 days on, 2 days off or 2 on 2 off, etc.

Incorporate your squats into your current workouts: sprinkle a few kettlebell squats throughout your workout. You can do a set of 10 squats during your “rest” periods between exercises or use squats as a killer finisher workout.

More Important Details

  • Every repetition must be done with flawless execution (more details on proper technique inside);
  • You are free to use any weight of kettlebell you wish, but I encourage you to challenge your limits; go as heavy as you can while still being able to maintain proper form through all repetitions;
  • Make sure you are properly warmed up before you do your reps (check out the perfect warm-up series for ideas);
  • Make sure you stretch often, particularly your legs after your squats (here are some static stretching examples);
  • You’ll be required to keep track of your repetitions over the course of the challenge (more details will be provided when you join);
  • Listen to your body at all times.

Why the Kettlebell Squat?

The squat in itself is a very powerful exercise.

When done properly, it can help you build functional muscle, develop strong, powerful legs, improve mobility and flexibility, enhance core strength, rip through body fat stores, build a killer set of buns, improve overall balance, and build an overall rock solid body.

Squatting with kettlebells offers a unique approach to this age-old exercise. The kettlebell squat (or better known as the goblet squat with a kettlebell) is much easier and safer to execute than the traditional barbell back squat, so it’s great for young grasshoppers and kettlebell ninjas alike.

This front-loaded squatting style allows you to go deeper into your squat, which enhances mobility and flexibility of the hips, boosts core engagement, and forces a hell of a lot of muscle groups to fire in unison. By holding the kettlebell out in front of you during a squat, you ensure that you are maintaining a tall up-right posture all the way through. You are also able to choose from a plethora of grips to change the intensity and complexity of the exercise (which I will show you upon entering the challenge).

What if I Don’t Know how to do a Squat?

Fortunately, we were all born with the ability to squat.

the squat challenge
We were born to squat, just like this little guy. [source]

Even though you may have lost some of this squatting ability due to a chronic case of ass-to-chair syndrome, the good news is that it is very possible to reverse the damage and squat like a baby again. I’ve prepared a short squat preparation guide that will teach you how to squat properly. You will receive it upon joining the challenge.

How to Join the Challenge

If you think you’ve got what it takes to do the 21 day kettlebell squat challenge, here’s how you can join the challenge:

Step 1: Leave a Comment

It’s important that you introduce yourself. Scroll down to the bottom of this post and leave a comment introducing yourself and letting everyone know that you’re taking part in the squat challenge. Do that first, then come back to step 2.

Step 2: Share the Challenge

Let’s use this positive energy and momentum to get others to join us in this challenge. Let’s try to get as many people doing squats as possible. Help spread the word about this challenge by doing the following: Click here to tweet this challenge and/or click here to share it on Facebook.

Step 3: Add Yourself to the Challenge

This is the last and most important step of the process. You need to officially add yourself to the kettlebell squat challenge. Click on the big yellow “Join the Challenge” button below and sign up!

Button has been disabled. Challenge is now closed to new participants. If you’d like to get notified of our upcoming challenges, please click the Get Notified button below. Thanks!

That’s it! Please make sure you don’t skip any steps because you might end up missing some of the important challenge details that I’ll be sending out!

What’s Inside

Once you sign up, you’ll be sent an email with some very important links and details.

You will get access to a private Facebook group which you can use to keep yourself (and each other) accountable.

You will get the aforementioned Kettlebell Squat Preparation Guide that will highlight important squatting mechanics and will show you a few of the different kettlebell squat variations you can use throughout the challenge.

You will also get access to a simple kettlebell squat tracker that you’ll be required to use to keep tabs on your repetitions over the course of the challenge. It will serve as a great accountability tool as well.

Again, more details on this stuff will be provided when you join.

What’s Up For Grabs

It takes a good amount of courage to take part in one of these challenges. One thousand kettlebell squats is no joke, my friend.

I always believe that courage should be rewarded. As the late Maya Angelou said:

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.”

That is why I’d like to offer up some goodies to all my incredible participants.

All participants of the 21 day kettlebell squat challenge will receive a 20% coupon code to use towards my brand new Kettlebell Ninja training program. This coupon code will be sent to you upon signing up.

I am also going to be offering a special prize to one lucky participant. You will find out what it is near the end of the challenge.

Hopefully that’s enough incentive to get you to join us in this adventure!

Get Ready for What’s Coming!

Remember the first day of the challenge is June 09, 2014 so make sure that you sign up before that date and take care of all the details that are sent your way.

In the meantime, use the next week to get yourself ready both mentally and physically. Plan out how you want to approach your reps over the course of the 21 days. Put it on paper. You will probably deviate from this plan to some degree, but it’s good to have an idea of how you’re going to attack this challenge before it starts.

Finally, do me a favor and help me spread the word about this challenge. Share this post with your friends and family. Let’s get as many people involved as we can. Let’s help spread this virus.

Thanks and I’ll see you on the inside!


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  1. AhhhhhUGGGHHHHhhhh! Just missed the deadline. Good luck to all those that participate. I will be doing so outside the 21 day challenge. I started this morning, went to sign up and . . . . well? missed the deadline.
    Can’t stop this obese woman. I needed something simple to challenge myself and this was it. And yeah, I know, simple is probably not the right word to use. I’m counting down.

  2. I’m in, I am not in very good shape but I did 100 last night, I started with 60 then decided to do 40 more since i will probably not be able to walk or sit for a few days after. Lol!

  3. Hey Mr Popovic,

    My apologies for only getting to this now but I had a massive backlog of mails due to some “technical” issues. I’ve competed in the last couple of challenges and completed them all, and I started doing these, even though I believe the tracker spreadsheet thing has been closed. I guess I’ll have to count on my own!

    Gonna enjoy this one too!


  4. I struggled through another 100 last night, not all at one time though, and am very sore. This is my first BTF challenge, pretty cool!
    I hope all that are participating make it through, good luck.

  5. only 1/2 way through my reps. am going to kick it up a notch over the next 5 days and get my last 400 done!!

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