The Build-a-Better-Body Virus is Spreading

VirusDo you know what a virus is?

A virus is contagious. Infectious.

A virus is not something that can sustain life on its own. It needs a host cell to survive. When inside the host cell, it releases genetic instructions which contain the information needed for the virus to replicate.

To spread.

In today’s day and age we’re all aware of the viral effect.

Ideas. Thoughts. Movements.

They all spread like a virus. From host cell to host cell it goes until it either wins or dies off.

The idea of a virus seems threatening. Dangerous even.

But it’s not necessarily all bad. A lot of viruses are good. Some are essential. Some spread and die off. Some inspire. Some cause social outbreak and controversy.

But all viruses essentially lead to one thing: Change.

And this is where you come in.

Your journey to a better body may be driven by some deep-rooted personal reasons.

And that’s how it should be. Your purpose is yours and yours only.

But I want you to be aware of something. Something extremely important.

Your decisions and the actions that arise from those decisions have a viral effect. There is a ripple effect going on that is much more powerful than you could imagine.

Your actions are spreading the virus.

Your decision to flip the middle finger to your old, unhealthy lifestyle and to take responsibility for your body hasn’t gone unnoticed.

No way.

Positive actions, however small they may be, never go unnoticed. They’re extremely contagious. And, if the situation is right, the virus spreads.

Let me give you an example.

Here’s an email I got from a fellow reader:


(Thanks Andrea)

That’s right.

This shit is spreading. And it’s spreading quickly.

You see, building a better body is more than just a personal journey of building a body that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

It’s much more than that.

Your decision to take action, take responsibility, to  do something is inspiring those around you to do the same.

And that’s what it’s all about.

That’s what matters.

Life is about making a positive change not just in your own life but in someone else’s. That’s why we’re here. To bring out the best in each other.

A virus is very difficult to initiate. But once it’s set in motion it’s self-perpetuated. It grows and spreads at insane rates.

And right now we got the ball rollin’.

This is how we’re going to change the world.


Are you doing your part?

18 thoughts on “The Build-a-Better-Body Virus is Spreading”

  1. It’s incredible the power we wield as individuals. Your actions and attitude have an impact on your families, friends and community. Live the fit life and your actions will have amplify throughout the world!

  2. This is so very true. You must find deep down inside what motivates you-regardless of what anyone thinks of you. I have always considered myself an elite athlete and dreamed of playing pro sports. Even though i am 26, and probably will never be in the pro’s at anything, I strive to train like an elite level athlete and have an incredible physique.

  3. Thanks for the motivation SP!!! Really appreciate it, there is days where i feel if this hard work is really worth it, but at the end of the day i feel so much better than what i felt 6 months ago!!! Keep strong be patient and WORK YOUR ASSES OFF!!!

    1. Well said. There are going to be a lot of days when you feel hopeles. Tired. Ready to quit. As if everything you’re doing is pointless. By choosing to fight through those times you empower yourself and inspire those around you. You end up becoming a much stronger individual (with a much better body).

  4. This is a very powerful post Srdjan. I’m a half glass full type of guy, but don’t you think the Internet has helped cure the world’s obesity problem rather than contribute to it?

    20 years ago it was nearly impossible to get free health/fitness info from an expert. Today there are tons of quality health/fitness blogs with a large amount of free information.

    Millions of people have lost weight and built muscle because of great advice they found on the Internet.

    I definitely think you’re correct, the virus is spreading.

    1. The Internet is a double-edged sword Austin. With every good piece of content out there you’ll find a couple hundred bad ones. That’s just the nature of the beast.

      20 years ago we didn’t have an obesity problem (like we do today). So clearly something is broken. The Internet is not the solution.

      The real solution lies inside of you. With the decisions you make. The effort you choose to put in. And the importance you assign to your health. Some people just need that fire to be lit inside of them. They need to be inspired. Motivated. Challenged. And that’s where we come in.

      That’s what this virus is all about.

  5. Great stuff Serge, I am an aging (45+) British, ex-paratrooper, Phys. Ed teacher out in Bangkok, Thailand, and had neglected my body for some years.
    Recently started following your site, back in shape now, so many students, parents and fellow teachers have commented how good I look now… Thanks man, keep the good work up.
    As for spreading the virus I’m on a mission, started after school fatties class for kids and parents, plus more advanced stuff for higher grade students. Any ideas, info or resources are welcome!

    1. Mark – it feels great when other people notice your progress, doesn’t it :)? But you’ve done something more. You’ve injected inspiration into them. Belief. When others see you accomplish something so amazing they feel empowered to do the same. And this is what it’s all about. This is how we spread the virus.

      That’s an awesome initiative you’ve taken upon yourself – kudos to you. Maybe you can email me some more details about the program and I can send what I have!

      PS – Bangkok, Thailand is an amazing place!

  6. Srdjan,

    I agree that the solution must come from within. You can be exposed to all the viral material out there, but until you make a decision to change, it won’t make a difference. Inspiration to go out and do something can be temporary, but internal conviction is permanent.


  7. Dude, your posts are great! In fact, i just started jumping rope and exercising with kettlebells, to improve my brazilian jiu jitsu conditioning.

    Perhaps you could talk about functional training or something…

    Anyway, keep the good work!

    1. Filipe – I’ll see what I can do in preparing a post on functional training as it’s something I tinker a lot with. Thanks for the idea. And I’m a big fan of brazilian jiu jitsu.

  8. Absolutely, we all exert a certain kind of influence to others, whether it’s positive or negative, that’s when our purpose, ak.a. mission must come in.

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