75 Jump Rope Exercises to Burn Fat, Get Fit, and Have Fun

Jumping rope is one of the oldest training activities on the planet.

Athletes have been using jump rope exercises for centuries to achieve elite levels of fitness. But over the past decade, we’ve seen some drastic changes in this arena.

New jump rope designs, creative programs, and better materials have opened up new possibilities for anyone looking to add a unique element to their training mix.

In this post, I want to show you some of the most powerful and unique jump rope exercises that you can add to your own routine today to build endurance, burn fat, and have fun while doing it.

Let me show you.

Crossrope to the Rescue

There’s no way I would’ve been able to create this video by myself. As you’ll see in a moment, there are some challenging jump rope exercises in this video that take time to work up to.

So I ​called in the big guns…

I called up my buddy Dave to meet me in Toronto. I told him I wanted to create a video that showcased the baddest jump rope exercises on the planet.

He was game, of course.

Dave’s the owner of Crossrope, a company (which I’m affiliated with) that makes what I consider to be the absolute best jump rope training system on the planet. He’s also a jump rope ninja which is what I needed.

We’ll touch on the ropes again in a moment.

Dave and I met up and put our jump rope skills together to show you all the possibilities available with this one simple training tool. When you have the right tool and the right mindset, you can achieve any fitness goal you set out for yourself.

75 Jump Rope Exercises to Get in the Best Shape of Your Freakin’ Life!

What I love most about jumping rope is the versatility and flexibility. It allows me to train anywhere, anytime. No gym required.​ Complete freedom.

It gives me the freedom to play around with different combinations of rope styles, rope weights, foot patterns, hand movements, speeds, and intensities to adjust my workout. Even small changes in certain areas can have HUGE effects on my workout.

That’s what I want for you.​

My hope is that this video inspires you to get out there and come up with new ways of incorporating skipping rope exercises into your own training routine.

Press play below to watch the video:

Here’s the full list of jump rope exercises from the video:

Beginner Jump Rope Exercises:

If you’re just getting started with jump rope training, here are some beginner jump rope exercises to learn and focus on:

1. Basic jump

2​. Alternate foot jump

3. high-knee jump

4. Side-to-side jump

5. Front-to-back jump

6. Boxer step

7. Half-twist jump

8. Full-twist jump

9. Jump rope jacks

​10. Jump rope diamond jacks

11. Jump rope butt kicks

12. Single foot jumps

13. Scissor step

14. Half scissor step

15. Side swing

16. Double side swing

17. One-arm side swing

18. One-arm double side swing

19. Heavy basic jump

20. Heavy rope alternate foot jump

Intermediate Jump Rope Exercises:

If you already have some jump rope training experience, the following intermediate jump rope exercises are great to add to your routine:

21. Single heel-toe jump

22. Double heel-toe jump

23. Off-step

24. High-knee off-step

25. Foot cross jump

26. Criss-cross jump

27. Alternate foot criss-cross jump​

28. Backward jump

29. Alternate foot backward jump

30. Side cross jump

31. Crossed arm jump

32. Double under

33. Double under scissor jump

34. Heavy rope side swing

35. heavy rope double side swing

36. Single foot front-to-back jump

37. Single foot side-to-side jump

38. 360 basic jump

39. 360 single foot jump

40. Jump rope short sprint

​41. High RPM heavy rope jump

42. Alternate foot criss-cross

43. Basic jump acceleration

44. Mummy kicks​

Advanced Jump Rope Exercises:

If you’re already a jump rope ninja, then move on to the advanced jump rope exercises. Just be warned that a good chunk of these are particularly challenging and place a lot of stress on the joints so only attempt them if you can:

45. Heavy rope criss-cross

46. Heavy rope double under

47. Single foot double under

48. Backward double under

49. Alternate foot double under

50. Double under criss-cross

51. Single foot double under criss-cross

52. Speed double under

53. Triple under

54. Heavy triple under

55. Single foot triple under

56. Heavy double under criss-cross

57. Quadruple under

Jump Rope Exercise Combinations

The following is a mix of different jump rope exercise combinations you can play around with. Don’t hesitate to create your own either!

58. Basic jump with side swing

59. Alternate foot side swing criss-cross

60. Single to double arm side swing

61. High RPM alternate foot side swing

62. Basic jump to double under

63. Double under acceleration

64. Alternate foot to double under

65. Double under to double under cross

66. Single foot jump ladder

67. Alternate foot to scissor step

68. Jump rope jack to scissor step

69. Side swing turn

70. Side swing to backward jump

71. Side cross turn

72. Side side under

73. Double under to side swing arm cross

74. Single double triple

75. Jump rope combos

What Rope Did We Use?

Of course, I’m going to get this question. So let me answer it:

All of the jump rope exercises in the video were done using Crossrope’s Infinity Rope System. More specifically, we used the Premium Set:

Crossrope Premium Jump Rope Set

The Premium Set comes with six high-quality ropes that range in weight – from the 1 Oz speed rope all the way up to the 2 Lb Fury (yellow) rope.

>> You can check out the full line of Crossrope training systems here.

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Got an Exercise to Add?
We did our best to cover the most important jump rope exercises. But I’m sure we missed a few here and there that others might enjoy.

Click here to let me know what your favorite jump rope exercise is OR what exercise we left out of the list. Cheers!​

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